Your President Speaks!

Today, inWashington, at the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference

Realizes He’s An Asshole

I appreciate your commitment to renewable energy. I probably didn’t help today when I rode over in a 20-car motorcade.

What America Has Got To Do

I welcome — listen, let me start first by telling you that America has got to change its habits.

They’re Friendly But They Don’t Like Us

Now, all the countries we import from are friendly, stable countries; but some countries we get oil from don’t particularly like us.

It They We

I’ve come today to tell you that America is the kind of country that when they see a problem, we address it head-on.

No, It’s Not

I laid out a goal for the United States to reduce gasoline consumption by 20 percent over the next 10 years — that’s called 20-10 [sic].

On Their Country

I look forward to the day when Texas ranchers can grow switchgrass on their country, and then have that switchgrass be converted to fuel.

What People In Parts Of The Country Have Got

I look forward to the day when people in the parts of our country that have got a lot of forests are able to convert wood chips into fuel.

There Is Five Million

As a matter of fact, there’s 5 million flex-fuel vehicles on our roads now.

Don’t Bogart That Joint Venture

Amazing joint venture with Mack and Volvo on these giant trucks that are using biodiesel to power them.

Create A Consumerism

I think it makes sense to create a consumerism for these kinds of vehicles.


By the way, that’s part of a loan-guarantee projects that we got out of Congress — $18 billion for the nukes, $10 billion for renewable energy expansions in the United States. This will enable our plant owners — guys that are applying for loans — the whole purpose is, is we want to expand our nuclear power industry.

Medulla Ohmigodda

I hope when history is written of this administration, we not only talked, we actually did positive things and constructive things.

What Part Of Our Strategy Is On

And part of that strategy is on nuclear power.

There Is Some Changes

The solar technology folks who are here will tell you there’s some amazing changes have taken place in a quick period of time.

Cerebral Vortex

I told you that we’re — and by the way, last year U.S. solar installations grew by more than 32 percent in the U.S. In other words — I hope you’re excited by these statistics; I certainly am.

What These Are

But these are just the beginning.

What Economies Got To Do

And I fully understand — and by the way, I want to repeat what I said before: An effective agreement is one that recognizes that economies got to grow in order to be able to afford investment in the first place; that you must have economic wealth in order to be able to afford the research and development.

There Is…

There’s too many — too many impediments.

What The United States Has Got

The United States not only is pursuing this strategy on an international basis, we also have got bilateral partnerships — with Brazil, for example, we signed a biofuels compact.

There Is Doubters

Oh, I know there’s doubters, but I’m confident that when we look back at this period of time, they will say, how could you have doubted the capacity of mankind to develop the technologies necessary to deal with the real problems of the 21st century?

One thought on “Your President Speaks!

  1. Holden: Some times I read these and think, “WTF?” This time I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if the newspapers just ran these quotes EXACTLY like this when reporting on this story?” I mean they are always choosing to pick the quotes that make sense or not bother to actually quote him at all. If he says nonsense 90 percent of the time and they only record and play the 10 percent non-nonsense, isn’t that inaccurate? Shouldn’t it be more accurate to Occasionally run his EXACT quote? By correcting his quote or running the ones that make sense aren’t they giving readers and inaccurate experience of the experience of the people in attendance? Are they actively making him look better than he actually is?
    I know you know the reasons why, but I think that this mind set of always fixing his quotes and always using the one that makes sense is weighting the coverage in favor of an inaccurate picture of his actual speech.
    The selection of the quote IS part of the news judgment and if they NEVER select a stupid quote, when he gives hundred of stupid ones and only dozens of good ones, then they are in fact propping him up.

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