Is This the End of Favre?

Could it be?

Favre to retire? If so, there will be much weeping and wailing and gnashing of cheese curds between teeth today in Wisconsin.

And Peter King will be put on suicide watch.

I expect much crack van discussion on this topic later today. And somebody check on Scout.

UPDATE: Well, I guess I should’ve checked the site before I posted.

4 thoughts on “Is This the End of Favre?

  1. There was a Monday Night game in Tampa, maybe ’97 or ’98, when Favre had just played awful – three or four fumbles and an interception – and the Packers trailed by 10 or 11 with four minutes to play when they got the ball back again.
    Earlier in the game, receiver Tyrone Davis had gone out with a hamstring pull and receiver Bill Schroeder had broken his collarbone, and the 2nd string halfback had also been injured. So on the second play of the series, when the Packers wanted to go ‘four wide’, the players then sent out to the wide receiver positions were one receiver, two tight ends, and a halfback. During the drive, because of the injuries, they had tight ends line up at wide-out and in the back field, the tailback lined up at tight end and wide-out. And the one true wide receiver they had left, Antonio Freeman was playing with his mouth and jaw wired shut, because of a broken jaw a few weeks before – so running pass routes in a hurry-up situation must have been really tough.
    With players lining up at positions they probably had never *practiced* much less played in a game, I imagine Favre wasn’t so much calling plays in the huddle as diagramming them. You would have expected it to be the ugliest, most ignominious three-and-out in the history of football.
    So what happened?
    Nine play, 80 yard touchdown drive in a little over two minutes, giving the Pack a shot at the onside kick and the win. They didn’t get the onside – the whole ‘hands team’ was already injured! – and they ended up losing the game. But that drive was an utterly improbable thing of absolute beauty.
    Thanks, Brett

  2. he took dan marino off the top of the record books. and it was a bitching wild ride. and he left healthy.
    good luck ferve. and thank you.
    winter is gonna suck this year.

  3. He may not stay retired. There is some speculation that this was just a tantrum because the Packers didn’t go after Randy Moss. If he’s still retired Sept. 1, then I’ll believe it.

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