A Better Beatdown of Chris Hedges

That’s PZ Myers on the right, Chris Hedges on the left.

So I was thinking to myself–who would do a good job demolishing Chris Hedges’ bullshit false equivalence? And only one name came to mind: Joe Louis. Uh, I mean PZ Myers. Over at Pharyngula, Myers just destroys Hedges.  It’s a written version of the Brown Bomber’s uppercut to Jimmy Bivins depicted above. It’s worth the read, so check it out!

One thought on “A Better Beatdown of Chris Hedges

  1. This whole atheist vs. born-again Christian is getting stupid.
    Who the hell cares if someone chooses to believe in Christ, Buddha, Allah, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or absolutely nothing. I follow MY belief. It’s mine, only mine. It’s as personal to me as my fingerprints. Because it’s so personal, I’m not looking for anyone to follow it, validate it, or embrace it. But I do have a problem with someone calling it balderdash.
    It’s the same as calling someone’s baby ugly.
    I also have a problem with someone demanding that I drop my faith and follow another path I have no connection with. Christians used to have the market cornered on this, but atheists are starting to get some too. Just because I choose to believe in a power greater than myself doesn’t give someone the right to deride and denigrate me for having that belief. Now, atheists have the right to reject all forms of religion and spirituality. It’s not hard considering the majority religions are full of sanctimonious blowhards with a penchant toward butchering those who disagree with them.
    An atheist friend once told me that he hated Christians. Hated all of them; lock, stock and crucifix. I reminded him that his mother was still going to Mass every Sunday. He gave allowances for family.
    My buddy doesn’t hate Christians or Christianity; he hates the people that have perverted it into a regressive and cruel political force. We see the pain and strife caused by Christians against Muslims, Muslims against Jew, Christian vs. Jew, Shia vs Sunni, Protestant vs Catholic. Almost makes you want to go back in time and kill Abraham in his crib.
    Religion is personal. It can’t be sold, given away or lost. It can only change as we change. Even if a person rejects religion, they still have beliefs. They may not be spiritual but they are inherent and profound.
    Tell you what – I won’t ask you to babysit or change diapers if you don’t call my baby ugly.

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