15 thoughts on “Irish Cuisine

  1. i learned too late i had a bit of irish blood. and i detest corned beef.
    i like cabbage tho. make a form of creamed cabbage. milk and butter, ditched the flour.

  2. Last night I made Dublin coddle to celebrate an early St Me Day. You can google for some basic recipes, but I tweak it a bit by tossing in a nice head of cabbage with the (lo salt) bacon when I fry it up, and use a quality turkey sausage instead of regular sausage. (If anyone knows where I can buy Irish breakfast sausage in the continetal US without selling the dogs into slavery…)
    It rocked, and plenty left over for tonights din.

  3. Cabbage is good. That’s all I have to say about Irish cuisine.
    OT: The Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade is the best American parade. They had a cool thing this year where you could text message a greeting and it appeared on a crawl during the parade. I totally recommend doing that next year and getting a screen capture.

  4. One package McCormack’s food coloring
    One sixpack Labatt’s
    Add green to pitcher with Labatt’s.

  5. Gnocchi is made from potato flour so it’s kind of Irish. Add green food coloring to the gnocchi or irish whiskey to the sauce and I think your kosher with gnocchi as a St. Paddy’s Day dish.

  6. I love me some gnocchi. Sweet potato is the best. Mmm, makin’ that this week.
    Tonight it’s chicken with lemon, basil and sweet onions, and pasta with pesto. So we’re keeping green, in a “recipes from Under the Tuscan Sun” kind of way.
    I don’t care if it’s not spring yet, I’m cooking for fucking spring.

  7. Carbomb:
    -Fill 16oz glass halfway to top with Guinness Stout
    -Float in 1 shot of Irish Whiskey
    -Fill glass to the top with more Guinness
    -Drink, then repeat

  8. Carbomb:
    -Fill 16oz glass halfway up with Guinness Stout
    -Float in 1 shot of Irish Whiskey
    -Fill glass to the top with more Guinness
    -Drink, then repeat

  9. *ahem* Senor Negro – that’s called (officially) an “Irish Carbomb”. 🙂 Granted, I have heard of them many a time being consumed, but it begs this question from a die-hard Guinness afficionado – why in the universe’s name would anyone want to mess up a perfectly poured pint of Guinness?!?!? 😉
    Oh, how I love getting lost in the Zen-like “shimmering down” of the Guinness as it makes it’s beauty in the pint glass known…ahhhh!!!
    (who isn’t allowed around Sangria anymore since ‘the Halloween Party Incident’ – I think I imbibed about a gallon and a half of the two gallons I brewed up…whoopsies!)

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