So It’s Music You’re Wantin’

Alright, Athenae. I’ll see your Karan Casey and raise you these.
For those of you who wish to engage in nit-picking, I realize Roseanne Cash isn’t Irish, and that’s a Johnny Cash song. Also, I’m aware that Stan Rogers was Canadian. But Irish singers have adopted both of those songs as their own. In fact, the first person I ever heard sing “The Mary Ellen Carter” was a very pleasant old Irish gentleman. If you don’t like that, then sod off.

4 thoughts on “So It’s Music You’re Wantin’

  1. I’ll call with ‘Back Home in Derry’.

    Written by Bobby Sands for his comrades from Derry who were in the H-Blocks. He performed this song at the nightly concerts they used to have in the Blocks, singing it out through the keyhole. (Christy Moore Songbook 103)
    Song above is performed by Patrick’s Head, not the more famous Christy Moore, because I like the footage of Ireland in the video.
    All you Great Lakes types see if you can tell name the tune that ‘Back Home in Derry’ is based on.

  2. Robert Earle – Yeah. I love both songs. I found ‘Back Home in Derry’ looking for ‘Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald on YouTube awhile back. I guess it’s a pretty famous tune according to my bro-in-law who plays Irish music out at local pubs. It’s a song just about every Irish band would know.

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