Men Love Being Selfish

No, really.

Jesus, forget that it’s basically a subgenre of the hateful “men are programmed to be promiscuous while women bake them pies and chuckle lovingly at their childlike antics”thing where guys are given an evolutionary hall pass to go wreak havoc. What Bader writes, about how nice it is to be completely selfish and how freeing that makes men feel … I mean, I’m sorry, I’m sure he went to school for a really long time, but is it really a shock that it’s kind of nice not to give a fuck about anybody but yourself?

Is that really a startling revelation? Is there anyone alive, male or female, who hasn’t wished at least once that he or she had no responsibilities, had no obligations, and could behave like a five-year-old with total impunity? Is that honestly what passes for keen insight these days? That we want it as good as we can get it? Most people by the time they’re out of elementary school have figured out that human beings are pretty much creeps, and you should find the exceptions and hold on tight.

This guy gets paid to tell us this again?


4 thoughts on “Men Love Being Selfish

  1. The part that really insults me is that this doofus no doubt gets paid scads and scads more than I do for the privilege of spouting shite.

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