Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, at theWhite House.

Marines And Their Enablers

THE PRESIDENT: And the United States, to that end, will make it clear that we do take our obligations seriously. We’ve committed 3,500 Marines — 3,200 Marines — 3,700 Marines?

MR. HADLEY: 3,200.

THE PRESIDENT: — 3,200 Marines, plus their enablers. Inside joke.


I have been public in my statements that I believe that NATO benefits, and Ukraine and Georgia benefit, if and when there is membership.

In The Interests

But I’ve analyzed the situation and I believe it’s in the interests that there is that clear path forward.

Cerebral Vortex

So the first step, however, is for there to be a clear path forward, so that people understand — and I believe it’s in our collective interest that we offer a clear path forward.

The Name Game

THE PRESIDENT: Alona. Is that an accurate way of saying your name?

Q Yes, Alona.



THE PRESIDENT: Iona, first of all, it’s — the decision will be made by NATO members at Bucharest.


THE PRESIDENT: Anyway, fire away, Ioana.

Q Johanna (phonetic).

THE PRESIDENT: Johanna (phonetic).


Thirdly, we’re a member of a 5-plus-2, which is the process by which, hopefully, the Transdniestria issue would be solved.

Synaptic Shutdown

My first reaction to watching the Iraqi government respond forcefully and to make it abundantly clear that — I think the exact — I can’t remember the exact words of the Prime Minister, but “criminal elements” I know were a part of his declaration — would be dealt with.

Rules Out Loud Screaming In The Decision-Making Process

Therefore, the decision about our troop levels will be based upon not politics, or not who can scream the loudest, but based upon whether or not we can maintain the successes we’ve had.

There Is People

And I understand there’s people here who want us to leave regardless of the situation, but that’s not going to happen, so long as I’m the Commander-in-Chief.

Well, Are You?

You ready?

What He Knows

Now, first of all, it is hard for me to justify to the citizens of Romania that they can serve alongside our troops in major theaters in the war against extremists, and not be able to have — be treated like other members of the EU, as far as visa waiver, and I know that.

Rebellion In The Cerebellum

But we’re still dealing with a — you know, it is — we’re adjusting law based upon previous practice.

The Capacity For To Have A New Look

Congress did change the capacity for — to have a new look at visa waiver.

How The Opportunities Will Be Advantaged

Of course, those opportunities will be advantaged if the government makes rational decisions on, for example, good investment laws.

Invest Your Whatevers

In other words, there’s competition for investment dollars, in this case, or investment euros, or investment whatevers.

Rule Law

And I called President-elect Medvedev and reminded him — and congratulated him for getting elected, and reminded him that — of some of the comments he made about rule law and transparency, and can’t remember exactly everything he said, but it sounded very progressive.

The HasGots

So when you hear people say, “George Bush has got good relations with Vladimir Putin,” there’s a reason why.

What They Got To Have

Because if you’re — in order to have somebody listen to you, they got to at least have an open mind, and it’s hard to have an open mind if the only thing you’re doing is try to blast away on a regular basis about your disagreements publicly.

What Russia Has Got Plenty Of

And Russia has got plenty of missiles if they want to overwhelm.

Medulla Ohmigodda

And therefore, I think it makes sense for us to be able to be in a position if people so choose to share information, and fully understand the operational activities of a system so as to build confidence.

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  1. Your President Speaks! is now my favorite series. Dana Perino may as well be singing ‘Don’t Know Much About…’ from the podium in the Gaggle.

  2. Dana Perino is almost more embarrasing than Bush himself. She admitted the other day to not knowing what “the Bay of Pigs” referred to.
    and, I’m pretty sure the Marine’s‘enablers’ are either hundreds of millions more (of your children’s’) tax dollars and/or more Halliburton support (paid for with many millions of the aforementioned dollars).
    It’s looking pretty bleak, but March looks pretty bleak every year. just 6 more months… right?

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