We Make The News: Book Edition

The UW-Madison news service gives the book a nice plug:

It is the stories of the students, the fights and the successes of the Cardinal that lent her subject material for her new book “It Doesn’t End With Us,” about the legacy of the Daily Cardinal at UW-Madison.

“The Cardinal legacy is really two-fold. It lies in the journalism, like the ground-breaking stories,” Hantschel says. “It also lies in the journalists. The Cardinal is an educational system. The work never really stops; it ripples out from the Cardinal and affects ordinary people.”

“It Doesn’t End With Us” gives readers not just a glimpse into the inner workings of one of the nation’s oldest daily student papers, but a detailed description of the past 115 years of struggle by students to keep UW-Madison’s Daily Cardinal afloat as an independent entity.


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