Beck is an idiot…again

Glenn Beckcondemning MSNBC regarding Wal-Mart dropping a law suit against brain damaged employee:

Well, what are the principles? The principles are right is right, wrong
is wrong. No matter how much I need it, no matter how hard it is for
me, no matter how much it sucks, it’s not right. My word is my bond. I
made an agreement. I didn’t see it in there. … This is blackmail. And yet Wal-Mart folds. You don’t deal with terrorists? Really? You just did.
You just dealt with economic blackmailers. …But then — and I don’t
even put it on the family as much as I do on the media. The media, they
just — MSNBC, man, they can just make hay with this.
(my emphasis)

I guess Beck doesn’t watch CNN or just ignores that he ought to “put it on” his employer. From aninterview by CNN’s Randi Kaye and the Wal-Mart employee’s husband Jim Shank:

KAYE: Since our story first aired about your family we were overwhelmed
with responses from the viewers, many of them angry with Wal-Mart. I
know that you too have heard from a lot of the viewers looking to help.
What have they told you, and were you surprised by such a reaction?

SHANK: Oh, the reaction is just — I can’t explain in words. I mean,
this is a victory for people. People have spoken. We still have a voice
in this country. It just shows that we can make a difference if we all
stand together.

KAYE: And why in the end do you think Wal-Mart decided to do this? To go ahead and forego the money?

SHANK: I hope it’s just they saw the light. The pressure from the
people and, you know, all the hits, like you said you’ve had millions
of hits on your sites expressing what they think of Wal-Mart and for
such a retail giant, you know, maybe they finally felt the pressure,
you know, maybe we better rethink things and come out of this as the
good guy instead of the bad guy.Most of the people have called me and
sent me letters have seen it on CNN.
(my emphasis)

CNN then proceeded to, I guess one would say, make a wee bit of “hay” for themselves:

KAYE: We’ve had viewers write in who told me they were in tears after
reading that the family was able to keep the money. One viewer just
wrote in big capital letters, justice, for the family. And we have a
few — I have a few blogs that I wanted to share some of the responses.


Sara in California also wrote: “Way to go all of you at “AC 360″ and
CNN. This is a great example of using the powers of the media to give a
voice to the voiceless. I’m very happy for the Shank family, one less
thing that they have on their plates now. Thanks for bringing this
issue out into the open and holding Wal-Mart accountable so that
something could be done.”


KEILAR: All right Randi Kaye, amazing story. You really made quite a
difference, allowing our viewers to make a huge difference. Thanks for

KAYE: Thank you.

You can catch more
of Randi Kaye’s in depth reports on “ANDERSON COOPER 360,” weeknights
at 10:00 p.m. Eastern only here on CNN.

Does that mean Beck works for the Terrorists?

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  1. This is the same Glenn Beck who almost died of hemorrhoid pain in the emergency room? The same one who used his status (such as it is) to bring attention to the plight of the affluent forced to wait in ERs just like everyone else? The one who went public because nurses were MEAN to him? Hypocrite.

  2. Your headline,Beck is an idiot…again,seems to imply that he stopped being an idiot and then resumed.I must have blinked and missed it when he wasn’t being an idiot.That’s what i get for not paying attention,missed a historical moment in time.

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