Please Donate to

We wanted to bump this up top again as a reminder. Donations can be made to Ashley’s family

Remember asRay informs us:

Ashley was the sole breadwinner in the house and leaves behind three
children ages 5 and under, and they have very little in the way of
extended family, so those of us who count ourselves as friends and fans
must step up as surrogate aunts and uncles for Katerina, Annabel, and
Rey d’Orleans. Funeral and living expenses are an immediate pressing

Please donate if you can.

One thought on “Please Donate to

  1. I will, but I have to wait until Friday (payday), this past couple of weeks w/rent and such just tapped me out. I am still in shock and I didn’t even know him, but his blog was wicked.
    Peace and healing to his family…

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