Dear Wingnuts: Cheese Curds and Chee-tos Are NOT the Same Thing

Not the same. Got it?

I’m not sure why, but lately a whole passel of wingnuts has come through Madison, WI. A little while ago, David Horowitz was here to tell us all why he’s such an asshole. Within the last week, both Michelle “I hate brown people so keep that goddamn mirror away from me” Malkin AND Jonah “Behold my Chee-to eating prowess” Goldberg came to town. Tonight, Jenna Bush is here. I realize that Jenna Bush isn’t a columnist for the illustrious Pajamas Media, but she is related to the miserable failure formerly known as the Savior of the Republican Party.

Come to think of it, Jenna’s probably not here for the cheese. I forgot to mention how amazingly cheap it is to drink in this town. That’s gotta be the selling point for her.

As for the others, will you please stay the fuck out of my town? It’s usually pretty nice here, and spring is finally coming. Let us enjoy it in peace.

7 thoughts on “Dear Wingnuts: Cheese Curds and Chee-tos Are NOT the Same Thing

  1. Jenna Bush’s book apparently reveals a compassionate human being who can advocate reasonable policies to improve the lives of others while maintaining an incredible inability to apply the same arguments to life in the U.S.

  2. i miss how the curds squeak on your teeth. cheetos don’t do that, either.

  3. Mmmm, yes, Babcock ice cream is WAY too good for any Republican. Best in the world, IMNSHO.

  4. And Andrew Sullivan was just here too, the self-hating psycho war cheerleader his own self.

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