Welfare Queens

Boy, am I glad we bailed out the fuckin’ airlines:

American Airlines canceled more than 900 flights Thursday to fix faulty wiring in hundreds of jets, marking the third straight day of mass groundings as company executives offered profuse apologies and travel vouchers to calm angry customers.

Other carriers operating similar aircraft also left passengers scrambling for alternatives as they too canceled flights to inspect the wire bundles at the heart of a renewed safety crackdown by the Federal Aviation Administration.


AMR Corp.’s American Airlines

Airline analyst Glenn Engel of Goldman Sachs says he sees the largest U.S. commercial carrier getting about $900 million in cash. American has reduced its flight schedule by 20 percent and has slashed 20,000 jobs, or 14 percent of its staff. On Monday, the Fort Worth, Texas-based airline said it would cancel three routes: San Jose/Taipei, Chicago/Stockholm and Chicago/Birmingham, U.K. on a seasonal basis.

That worked out GREAT.

Maybe next time we should just tell them tosell some bling.


3 thoughts on “Welfare Queens

  1. This is another example of a story half told. The FAA participates in crony-oversight, they get caught and hauled in front of Congress – and now this. Coincidence? I think not.
    Could the FAA in their new found religion have taken a more intelligent approach to getting back up to speed after seven years of being asleep at the switch? Sure. We’re AA’s planes going to fall out of the sky because of these wirings issues? No. Your ferrets could have done a better job of organizing this piss up in a brewery.
    So is it incompetence – again, and again… or is the admin trying to send business a message regarding “regulation”.
    And the media – well there’s this vague mention of some FAA hearing that seemed may have had something to do with this. Connect the dots – not.

  2. Wilson, it’s the admin and Reps trying to send a huge message about regulation and congressional interference in the executive branch. See today’s WSJ editorial blaming the 3,000 flights cancelled on the Dem congress and regulation.

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