I Met A Young Woman Whose Body Was Burning: Galactica Thread


I’m on the road this weekend, so I’ll update this post when I get a chance to see the ep. For now, Jacob’s brilliance breaks through TWOP’s nauseatingly stupid and complicated redesign:

“I want to believe her,” Bill admits. “But the President’s right, it’s exactly what the Cylons would be counting on.”

And they keep saying it, and it keeps being heartbreaking. Because in what kind of a fracked-up universe does Occam’s Razor work out that way? “It’s what I want most, so it must be poisoned.” How can that be the smartest call? “It’s the only joy I can imagine, so it must be a trick or a trap.” What have we done to these kids? When will it get better? How can you know when you know?

Spoilers may abound in the comments. Click at your own risk.

Updated with recap below:

So I really, really, really hate that Angeli’s vision for Laura Roslin is basically the nun who beat him in grade school or something, cold and mean but secretly weak and wrong about stuff, though this goes back to last week, too, in that Crazy Space Mom would be the FIRST person to believe Kara, as Kara herself pointed out this week, so, you know, maybe it’s all about the fact that this season is hardly even here yet. “My drug-related crazy is much more legitimate than your maybe-you’re-a-Cylon crazy;” also we have Sharon, so why doesn’t anybody just make Starbuck fuck Helo and swear an oath if this is the problem? I’m not trying to be funny; I hate unacknowledged inconsistency is all.

Baltar is like his own Onion headline at this point. Back when the Onion was a black and white weekly in Madison, Wis., they ran this story that just said “Bob Barker: Why Is He Still Getting Laid?” I suppose it had to be Tory, the others are better known to Baltar than she is, but I would have paid cash money to watch SAM try to seduce the little greaseball. Or better yet, Tigh. Speaking of greaseballs, now there are two of them. Funny, show. A little too, too cute, but funny nonetheless. I can also see the appeal to Baltar of having someone around who ISN’T looking at him like she’s starving and he’s breakfast, but is instead kind of not all that excited about him, too.

Blech, though, to watching that.

Starbuck. Starbuck. The Cylons caged her and the Exodus saved her and then the Colonials put her right back behind bars, and oh, the way Adama looked at her before he threw her down. Remember the last time she went nuts, and he laid her down like that? It was the only thing that worked, because that’s the way she is, it’s what she gets. You could pet her all day and talk sweet but it’s never going to show her the love that a good hard shove will show her. She’s like that, she needs something to fight back against, to push on, to rage at. If they didn’t keep putting her behind bars she’d go right back to creating them in her own head, something to give her an excuse to break out of jail.

Her handpicked crew on the garbage ship looking for earth, all Captain Ahab like she is, is going to be SO AWESOME.

And then the Lee Adama goodbye. Oh, that there? Nothing, just my heart.


13 thoughts on “I Met A Young Woman Whose Body Was Burning: Galactica Thread

  1. It’s still kind of an emotional jumble for me.
    Bill striking Starbuck was shocking in the most visceral way. That was ten times more gutwrenching than Starbuck moaning and hollering about going the wrong way.
    The scene with Adama and Roslin – jesus fucking christ: Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf: In Space. But good, damn good.
    Loved the scene with the Centurions blowing away the Cylons who’d held the upper hand.
    Things I”m not sure about:
    Baltar and Tory. Very Espensonian.
    The Four thinking that sending Tory to Baltar constituted a plan to begin with.
    What “All will be revealed” means, because they haven’t and they’e still saying they will. Whatever.
    Finally, Lee leaving. WTF? It did not work for me. He didn’t seem like a man driven by destiny. It felt off. He’s leaving while Starbuck is in the clink? While Roslin may be close to death? Five minutes after things settle back down.
    That element seemed poorly assembled.

  2. Everything seems to be falling apart everywhere. Kara. Laura. Lee. Even the toasters. Laura was right. How much loss can Bill handle without going over the edge?
    I’m glad to see I was right on one thing. Bill just lets Kara’s mutiny go. Because you don’t really need discipline in a military organization fighting for survival.
    And Kara sure did have some damn shiny clean hair after several days in the brig.
    And why the hell did the obvious solution only occur to anyone after all this sturm und drang? Wouldn’t it have made sense from the beginning to just give Kara a ship and a crew and let her go see if she could find earth again? If she does — hey! mission accomplished. If she doesn’t, they’ve wasted some fuel. And why sneak around? You’re the fracking admiral, admiral. Give her a ship and a crew. It’s not Madam President’s call what you do with your ships and your men.
    Baltar having sex — serious ick factor for some reason.
    The toaster Cylons revisiting history and rebelling against the skin jobs. Didn’t see that one coming. But it certainly makes sense. Why would they be any more inclined to be ruled by machines that look like humans than they were to be ruled by humans? How long will Six and her allies be able to control them? Civil war will sure keep the resurrection ships hopping…
    I agree with virgotex. Lee leaving the military doesn’t scan. They’ve just come thru the biggest battle since the revolt, and didn’t get wiped out thru sheer bloody luck. There’s no saying it won’t happen again tomorrow. So the CAG just ups and quits. To become one of a dozen legislators. Who don’t have much say over anything given how Madam President has got that unitary executive thing going on. WTF?
    Prediction. At some point soon Laura becomes incapacitated and Lee becomes acting president.
    Bill and Laura. Damn, their scenes together just keep getting better and better…

  3. I love Mary McDonnell, just like most of us. But, I don’t know if its the actress or the writers, but I hate, HATE, where they’ve taken her this season. She’s 3/4’s checked out, mean, and almost completely unsympathetic, which is the real sin. Virginia Woolf, indeed. But McDonnell is missing something in the performance or the directors seem to be unable to bring it out.
    You can be pissed at dying and drugged mostly out of your gourd on anti-cancer meds. But the quality of broadcast performance is missing something.

  4. Finally, Lee leaving. WTF? It did not work for me. He didn’t seem like a man driven by destiny. It felt off.
    Same here. At the very least the scene dragged on too long.
    The Six-led (for how long?) Centurion revolt was A-OK. Hopping Resurrection Ships, indeed.

  5. What flory said. Why didn’t Adama just give her the ship once they adequately determined she wasn’t a Cylon?
    How many eps until the D’Anna(sp?) models are brought out of “cold storage”? After all, she was boxed because of her revelations about Teh Five.
    Baltar. Tory. Ick.

  6. The only thing that rang false to me was Adama being red-faced angry in Kara’s cell one moment and being all smiles at Lee’s going-away party the next. I realize that a CO puts on the happy face when s/he has to, but that still seemed strange to me. I was 1/2 convinced it was a dream sequence.

  7. It all seems dream-like, like Bill’s bad dream. Lee’s leaving when he’s the Voice of Reason (who hasn’t frakked a Cylon, yet, I think, which rules Helo out) for the Battlestar.
    Also, since when did anyone decide that Baltar has to stay on the Galactica? I know there’s an implicit death threat anywhere else he goes randomly, but is it this bad that he can’t go anywhere else? Him not at least trying to get off a military ship (where everyone has access to a gun, and a sympathetic tribunal and/or Admiral) seems odd, cult or not.
    And, one last thing: No other Cylon model varies in basic appearance, except Six. Why does she come in floozy and all-business models, other than Ms. Helfer’s hair being stressed? RDM created some sort of felgercarb technobabble as to why Cylons don’t feel cramped by basestar decoration monotony, but why no blond Dorals? Curly-haired Sharons? The Sixes are the only one with a will to accessorize?

  8. Perhaps at some point we’ll see the Cylon homeworld(I assume there is one)and maybe there will be Cylons who differ slightly in appearance. We’ve seen the Cahill and D’Anna models look different(different clothes anyway).

  9. A little too, too cute, but funny nonetheless. I can also see the appeal to Baltar of having someone around who ISN’T looking at him like she’s starving and he’s breakfast, but is instead kind of not all that excited about him, too.
    see? Espensonian.

  10. The episode is already on hulu!

    Nice to see NBC’s phantom posting operation is in full swing.

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