“He is Iraq’s Katrina itself”

From Juan Cole:

So Congress abdicated to Bush. Bush has abdicated to the generals in the field. 

That is not a Republic. That is a military dictatorship achieved not by coup but by moral laziness.

what officers like Petraeus need from Bush is not deference but
vigorous leadership in the political realm. Bush needs to intervene to
work for political reconciliation in Iraq if Petraeus’s military
achievements are to bear fruit. But Bush seems incapable of actually
conducting policy, as opposed to starting wars. Bush happened to Iraq
just as he happened to New Orleans. He cannot do the hard work of
patiently addressing disasters and ameliorating them. He just wants to
set people to fighting. Crush the Sadr Movement, perhaps the most
popular political movement in Iraq? He’s all for it. Risk provoking a
wider conflagration in the Middle East by worsening relations with
Iran? Sounds like a great idea to him. Bush campaigned on being a
‘uniter not a divider’ in 2000. In fact, he is the ultimate Divider,
and leaves burning buildings, millions of refugees, and hundreds of
thousands of cadavers in his wake. He is not Iraq’s Brownie. He is
Iraq’s Katrina itself.

Just as New Orleans’s Ninth War will still be a moonscape when Bush goes out of office, so will Iraq. 

So well said from Mr. Cole. And as Inoted with photos about a year ago–Bush’s legacy will be the tale of these 2 cities:



New Orleans:




New Orleans:


5 thoughts on ““He is Iraq’s Katrina itself”

  1. thought of this right after hitting post-and so the same in iWaq, it wasn’t the war, but the aftermath that fucked iWaq up.

  2. When I saw that bottom “Baghdad” picture, I gasped. That’s creepy…

  3. The only person I can think of who has both the intellect and respect of Muslims to work something out in this mess in Iraq is Nesrallah. He gained hero status within the Arab world by repulsing the Israeli attack against Lebanon. I’ve read translations of a number of his speeches and the interview he gave with Sy Hersch. He is a true intellectual. But I see very little chance of his being allowed to play any role as long as Bush is the decider. And very little chance of anything meaningful happening in New Orleans for that matter.

  4. Interrobang…the markings on the Baghdad homes show “coalition forces have gone in and cleared the area of insurgents.” Of course in NOLA the markings showed homes had been searched for remains.

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