8 thoughts on “I want a Jet Ski

  1. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!!!! I live in London and don’t get to see Colbert or Stewart except on the internet… so I miss a lot!!
    I love John Edwards… sigh. He says he doesn’t want to be VP… think he’d take on a cabinet post??? Secty. of Labor? Health & Human Services? Actually, I’d love it if he were Attorney General and kicked some crooked GOP asses!!

  2. Damn, I so wish he hadn’t dropped out.
    A.G. — now you’re talking, drunken hausfrau! I would LOVE to see him go after some of these bastards.

  3. Hearty endorsement of the above comments!
    Edwards is so talented and has so much potential. I can’t wait for him to hit a niche where he gets to use them to their max.

  4. A Jet Ski in every pot!
    This, in a nutshell, is why I supported Edwards. And still do, damn it. Edwards for AG–because you know it’s going to take a Hercules to clean out those stables.

  5. Today was the first time I smiled with joy in months, reading something about this campaign.
    Damn, I miss him so.

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