Your President Talks Too Much!

Today, inWashington, at America’s Small Business Summit.


On the other hand, it’s the kind of place that you know the — you knew the local shop person or the — my friend, Jackie Hanks’s Uncle Brutus had the local grocery store. And it was just that — that fabric of the community was the small business owners.

Higher Price For Food And Gasoline

Workers and families are anxious on a variety of fronts — including mortgage — making mortgage bills and higher price for food and gasoline.

The Last I Can Remember Was He Predicted A“Soft Landing”

You know, we saw this coming. The last I can remember is talking to our team last year, and they said, there’s a slowdown coming.

The Valley Girl President

Now, here in Washington that’s like — people say, that’s not very much money.

Invest In New Plant!

Secondly, the stimulus package provides incentives for business to invest in new plant and equipment and new technologies.

What Somebody Has Got

And the reason why we’re trying to provide incentives for businesses, both large and small, is because when you have the incentive to go purchase a piece of equipment, somebody has got to make the equipment.

She’s A Manufacturing Concern — Call’er Permac Industries!

I had the honor of meeting Darlene Miller. You may know Darlene. She’s from a — she’s — a manufacturing concern in Minnesota caller Permac Industries.

This How Incentives Works

The reason I bring up this example is this how — this is how incentives work. Darlene was incented — received an incentive to purchase machinery, to fill some space, to make sure she becomes more competitive.

Achieving An Achievement

She also had a pretty good achievement at — and she received another good achievement, I understand.

Fighter Pilots Cannot Run Through Walls

And I met a guy named Tom Sawner. Now, he’s an old fighter pilot, which means there’s no wall he can run through.

What He’s Got Him

He’s a doer, an achiever, and he’s got him a small business called Educational Options.

Rebellion In The Cerebellum

And one way that — I mean, one thing Congress has got to understand is that there is — what small business owners don’t need is uncertainty.

What We Have Got In The Nation’s Capital

Obviously there’s a — we’ve got needs in Washington, D.C.

Colombia: More Than One Country

The Congress has passed laws in the past that enable Colombian goods to come here duty-free — the vast majority of our products faces taxes to go into their countries.

He Signed The Trade Agreement Every Day For 500 Days

Yet after 500 days that we signed the agreement with Colombia, the one-sided trading relationship remains in place because the Congress has failed to act.

There Was Things

I explain to people, when I bought my first home in Midland there was actually things such as savings and loans, and the person that actually lent the money owned the note.

Do You Own A Businesses?

We want people owning their home — we want people owning a businesses; we want people owning their own homes.

Medulla Ohmigodda

You can’t make somebody an entrepreneur from government, but you can create an environment which encourages risk-taking, enables people to keep more of what they earn, let somebody stay more in the shop than in the courthouse, helps people help their workers.

Cerbral Vortex

And a lot of times, believe it or not, there is — as I’m sure you know, that they all happen like at a kitchen table.

His Small Business Ruined By Blow

And sure enough, out of that simple idea and hard work — because I understand as well as anybody how hard it is to build a small business, and it’s not — it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort and a lot of focus and patient spouses, and sometimes spouses actually watching the money to make sure the other spouse doesn’t blow it.

It Was His Desires

It was his desires to not only pay his own college education, but then to convert that into something that would be good for consumers — obviously if it wasn’t good for consumers he wouldn’t have much of a business history — good for the people he’s employed.

Role Of The Government: Always Pay

And our — the role of government is to never stifle that spirit, is to encourage the spirit, reward the spirit, and always pay — and always remind our citizens that we are a vibrant and prosperous and hopeful nation, because we are a land blessed with vibrant and hopeful people.

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  1. “…but you can create an environment which encourages risk-taking, …let somebody stay more in the shop than in the courthouse..” Well, I always suspected that those damn lawyers spent more of their time in the grog shop than in court, and I’m happy that my commander in chief understands that too. But, wait! Is he encouraging them to do that???

  2. Thank God you listen to him so I don’t have to. I just read your recaps. Hilarious and actually quite embarrassing that the leader of the free world cannot string together coherent sentences. We have to be the laughingstock of the world.

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