Your President Speaks!

Saturday, atCamp David, during a presser with President Lee Myung-Bak of the Republic of Korea.

The Global War On Subjets Continues

We had a wonderful dinner last night, and looking forward to having lunch, too, today.

Screw China And India

How can you possibly have an international agreement that’s effective unless countries like China and India are not [sic] full participants.


And that’s why I assured him this major economies meeting that is taking place in Paris, I assured him I meant what I said in my speech in the Rose Garden, and that hopefully by the time we get to G8 there’s a serious effort by all major economies to become active participants in a effective strategy to deal with this issue.

There Is Rumors

You know, there’s all kinds of rumors about what is happening and what’s not happening.

A Society In Which It’s Hard To Get Information Out Of

But when you’re dealing with a society in which it’s hard to get information out of, you just have to wait and see whether they’re sincere or not.

There Is All Kinds

Unlike our society, of course, where there’s all kinds of people in the administration talking and sharing information with you — some of it authorized, some of it’s not — it doesn’t happen that way in North Korea.

There Has Been Moments

This has been a — I’ve been at this for quite a while, and there’s been moments where it looks like the process is going to go very smoothly and everybody is going to honor their commitments, and then for one reason or another, there’s a — there was a setback.

China Is A Opportunity

It’s going to be very important a 21st century alliance recognizes that China is a opportunity for both nations to engage in a constructive way.

What The Step One Is

And so the step one is to anticipate the issues confronting our peoples in the 21st century, and step two is to develop a practical way to deal with those issues.

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  1. Maybe Peorgie felt that, because his guest was a “furriner” from the Orient
    (President Lee Myung-Bak of the Republic of Korea), it was alright for him to speak in “pidgin-English”.

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