19 thoughts on “Tomorrow and Tomorrow: Crack Van Time!

  1. Oh, I am so reconnecting to my smaller monitor so that I can have the MSNBC running at the same time. Then I will actually be able to contribute more than sound effects [dolphin].
    ;*) I will have the alcohol handy!!! 🙂

  2. I’ll run MSNBC on the dish system and just listen as we share the pipr in the crack van.
    Here’s to KO finally doing a take-down on Matthews!

  3. Thank the baby jesus!
    I have been jonesing so bad for the crack.
    Are we going to have to separate the BO loyalists from the HRC loyalists, or will fisticuffs and backstabbing be allowed/encouraged openly?
    Either way is fine with me as long as there’s booze, smoke, and persons of questionable repute handy

  4. If we’re indulging in violent fantasies, could I put an order in for a vicious verbal attack on Buchanan instead? Preferably with every synonym for “bigot” involved?

  5. Shrines are allowed. BO/HRC argument yes, fights no. NO VIOLENCE. VERBAL violence only. Sticks and stones, and whatnot. And [punch3].
    Y’all should have been there at EschaCon, the first night, when we were all drunk and doing [punch3][kitten][chainsaw] out loud. It was epic.

  6. I’m with Pansypoo. I don’t have cable, my brain will explode like that time I tried to Mind Meld with V’Ger only I’d be saying “The Stupidity!” (I’m not talking about Keith and Rachael of course)

  7. I caught a bit of Priscilla Queen of the Desert over the weekend as I was flipping through the channels. Those great shots of the bus hurtling through the outback with Guy Pearce’s costume trailing out gloriously behind in the wind.
    I thought of the crack van. Fondly.
    [punch3] is my dark god.

  8. V’tex, that was a lovely visual in that movie, no?
    I am down w/the sound ‘fight’. I won’t rise to a fisticuffs challenge as I won’t be swayed from my opinion nor will I succeed in bringing someone opposed over to my side via violence. My way is to share deep, dark, chocolatey cake w/a yummy filling and nicely decorated…and that’s hard to do in the crack van – I can’t get the cake thru the intertubes intact.
    I will bring a room spray for the van, to ward off the pong of another trip – does “leather” work for everybody?
    (who wouldn’t turn away a Keith Olbermann clone…hubba hubba!)

  9. Oh boy, a crack van! I’ll have to see if I can lever myself out of bed early enough to get my errands done beforehand. I’ve been missing you guys…I didn’t get to go to Eschacon *snif*…but I’m not bitter…
    (who wouldn’t turn away a Keith Olbermann clone…hubba hubba!)
    I have a kinky little fantasy about Keith Olbermann: I dress him up in a school uniform and make him write lines until the message sinks in: I WILL STOP MAKING SEXIST REMARKS. WOMEN ARE PEOPLE TOO.
    Somewhere I can hear the demonic shade of my Grade IV teacher laughing his demented head off…

  10. Dangit, I can’t find the exact quote from “A Christmas Story”…it goes something like this and it relates to the Crack Van:
    “Tonight! Tonight! Hot Damn it comes tonight!!!”

  11. No, you’re on the right planet GG, you can work that schoolgirl plaid in the Back Room of the Van. It’s just past the Rachel Maddow Shrine and to the right of the coatcheck, but before you get to the Infirmary and the pony stalls.

  12. Just look for the da-glo shag carpet on the floor and walls! 🙂 We’ll be in there – can’t miss it. Be sure to chip in a spare roll of t.p. though, the square you spare may be your own! 😉

  13. Awww, c’mon A. – after 7 + years of Bushco, is it any wonder we make up our own ‘happy place’, er ‘van’!? 😉

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