‘A Race to the U-Bend of the Toilet:’ Crack Van Recap

I remembered to save some of the chat text from last night, and I think this was my favorite bit of all. What happens when you throw two dozen geeks into a room and get them on about the language during commentary about “the deer hunter vote?” This:

spork_incident> A covey of quail!

Athenae: A brace of woodcock!

John_O> Don’t tell Cheney.

Elspeth> ha, A said ‘cock’!

Athenae: Elspeth, yeah, we call it Tuesday.

joejoejoe8059> a pride of leons

sent sound: rooster

virgotex> heheheheh

Dee_Loralei> can we invent a tv channel with only KO and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC

Sinfonian> *switches to baseball*

spocko_holdingontovan> the cafe I’m in the people go out side to smoke. Right in front of the door and the wind blows it in. How rude!

Elspeth> LOL!!! 🙂

Apostate> a shame of pundits

joejoejoe8059> heh…

Athenae: A business of ferrets.

Athenae: Who are now climbing on the table.

ellroon> Spocko, at least they’re outside…

The_Kenosha_Kid> i can haz ferrets?

SteveLG> A stole of ferrets.

virgotex> don’t they ever sleep

Athenae: Next paycheck, they’re getting lots of toys. They need new diversions.

Sinfonian> a PAC of politicians

Athenae: virgo, never.

ellroon> a cabal of bushies

spocko_holdingontovan> True. I should be happy for small favors.

virgotex> Before you got here, we had ferret canapes

SteveLG> A collar of ferrets.

Elspeth> a landfill of bushies.

joejoejoe8059> are ferrets and polecats the same thing?

Athenae: *pouts*

FeralLiberal> Business? How about a frenzy?

Apostate> a thatch of russerts

Athenae: jjj, they’re related.

underwhelm> an eternity of primaries

ellroon> polecats = skunks?

virgotex> polecats are skunks

Sinfonian> polecat = skunk

The_Kenosha_Kid> lol underwhelm

virgotex> civet

stormysu> elspeth ding dingding

ellroon> ha!

Sinfonian> too slow

sid6792> skanks

SteveLG> Zogby’s a pollcat… a stinky one recently.

Elspeth> A Stepford of Cindy McCains

spocko_holdingontovan> I’m a lonesome polecat was a song from Seven Bride for Seven Brothers.

spork_incident> A coulter of skanks.

Have I mentioned lately that I love you all?


15 thoughts on “‘A Race to the U-Bend of the Toilet:’ Crack Van Recap

  1. I wrote ‘a pride of leons’, like Leon Panetta, Leon the Assassin, and Ponce de Leon.

  2. Aieeee! I getone little freelance gig at the last minute (the e-mail arrived while I was out taking stuff to the Goodwill bin) and I miss Spockoand Sinfonian. *pout* Well, damn

  3. Sandia, glad you liked it! 🙂
    A covey of Crack-vanigans [yeehaw][punch3][reload]
    A prude of pundits
    A closet of repressed republicans…

  4. the whole blogpocheh, lippy. You and GG provided some of my favorite moments of the night.
    and I’m totally taking you guys up on the pub crawl and creole dinner.

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