Your President Speaks! Again!

Today, inWashington.

Here Is Services

And I don’t think it should be viewed as controversial to say to a public school, if children are falling behind, here’s supplementary services to help that individual child catch up.

Our Nation’s Fabirc In Making Sure

One of the reasons I’ve come is to highlight this problem and say to our country: We have an interest in the health of these centers of excellence; it’s in the country’s interest to get beyond the debate of public/private, to recognize this is a critical national asset that provides a critical part of our nation’s fabric in making sure we’re a hopeful place.

His Whole Theory Of Life

My whole theory of life was we ought to be asking about results, not necessarily process.

There Is Actual Consequences

See, one of the — what’s very important to make sure that an accountability system works is there’s actual consequences and outlets.

You’re Qualify!

And one of the outlets would be if you’re in a public school that won’t teach and won’t change, and you’re — qualify, here’s a scholarship for you to be able to have an additional opportunity.


And to me this is a good way to help strengthen the schools that I was talking about that are losing.


Faith-based schools can continue to serve inner-city children requires a — to see that that happens requires a commitment from the business community.

“Go-by”, AKA Model

In other words, good ideas can take hold. The job of this conference is to provide a kind of go-by for people who share a sense of concern about our nation’s future.

Down With Government Law

Citizens — you know, we’re a — we are a compassionate nation. What I see is America at its very best, which is these millions of acts of kindness and generosity that take place, and it doesn’t require a government law.

Hindbrain Hullabaloo

Ten years ago private donors gave approximately $15 million to the church in Memphis to help revive Catholic schools in the city’s poorest neighborhoods — assets exist — they’re worried about them going away, so rather than just watch schools close, somebody — individuals did something about it by putting up $15 million.

Offer Not Valid In Iraq

You’ve got to be a little worried in our society when somebody says, I don’t think I want to measure. That’s like saying, I don’t want to be held to account.

Forebrain Foul-Up

And I want to thank those who have put forth the money, and call on all citizens to find ways they can contribute with their hearts to help educational entrepreneurs succeed — is really what we’re talking about, isn’t it? Kind of innovation, they’re willing to challenge the status quo if it’s not working.

I Consider Yourself

I call it educational entrepreneurship — so I’d consider yourself entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs.

Midbrain Mistake

Here are some ways — I mean, these are levels of society that ought to all be involved, and hopefully out of this meeting, that there’s concrete action.

Um… Mexican Women Do Not Call Themselves “Mexicana”, Do They?

She is a — she was born in Mexico — Mexicana.

Chicago Ain’t All That

And they moved to Chicago, probably to try to realize a better life — I’m confident, to try to realize a better life.

What You Just Got

You either just got an A — or an F.

Neuters Poor Yadira

Someday no telling what Yadira’s going to be in life, but one thing is for certain: it’s going to be a productive citizen, and America will be better for it.

Not Them Go Away

And my hope is, is that we’re laying cornerstones for new schools here or revived schools; that we take the spirit of the Holy Father and extend it throughout the country, and work for excellence for every child; to set high standards, and when we find centers of excellence, not them go away, but to think of policy that will enable them to not only exist, not only survive, but to thrive.

4 thoughts on “Your President Speaks! Again!

  1. If I were a Mexican woman and wanted to say to someone, “I am Mexican,” then yes, I would say “Soy mexicana.”
    Of course, that’s just how you’d *write* it, so if you’re making fun of his pronunciation he may deserve your remark. Actually, he deserves your remark on general principles. 😉

  2. “My whole theory of life was we ought to be asking about results, not necessarily process.”
    That also explains how we’ve come to be a nation that tortures.

  3. “My whole theory of life was we ought to be asking about results, not necessarily process.”
    mr. obvious is only pointing out what has been obvious to anyone paying attention — to bush and his cronies, the ends absolutely justify the means.
    unrepentant a-holes.

  4. And what are the consequences for Bush’s actions? What consequences has he ever faced for all the horrible things he’s done?

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