10 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. Well I actually wrote something on my blog this week instead of “wasting my blog capital” (as my friend called it when I posted on other blogs).
    Torture is the New Black
    Title:Torture is the new Black.
    (I know, hackneyed title but I’m not up to LOLcat yet, I just got the “Blank is the new black” thing. I think the title is RAD. Awesome and gnarly.
    Nobody really wants to read about torture. But if you haven’t yet read about
    Junior Kat Henak at Knox College and her questions of Ashcroft, please do.
    And here is the story from her college newspaper.
    Ashcroft Sparks Action
    Speaking of college newspapers, you DO all have at least 2 copies of Athenae’s book right? And you sent one to a journalist you like? Good.

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