Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Wankachu, I Choose You!

They were warming up to John McCain, but then he called Katrina a bitch:

EVERY time he opens his mouth I am confirmed in my inability to want to vote for him. Can’t do it. Won’t do it. Won’t vote for the beast or barry, but I’ll be damned if I will vote for this Bozo.

Why can’t he run against democrats, what the frell* is he doing running against Republicans?

After watching Obama the last month or so, I had pretty much resigned myself to voting McCain. I may now change my mind.

Party labels are irrelevant since the GOP has moved far enough to the socialist left that they are essentially one party. McCain is a socialist running against Conservatives.

McPain is an out of control RINO … if Republicans think this ass*** is attempting to stick up their butts now, just wait until September, October, and early November. You ain’t seen nothing yet …

McCain’s had a good day, attacking both the Republican Party of North Carolina and Republican President Bush and the feds response to Katrina.

There’s still a couple hours left in the day, a three attack Hat Trick is still possible.

Fox showed McCain mingling with Katrina volunteers and locals working on housing. The press were shown standing in a truck taking photos.

McQueeg gets his photo op showing him as “presidential, caring and i can do better look”. What a pandering, elitist whore he is.


*You! Out of my sci-fi!

5 thoughts on “Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Wankachu, I Choose You!

  1. So…Hillary is “the Beast” and Barack is merely “Barry”…no Osama, no Hussein, just “Barry” (like the milquetoast hubby on “The Last of the Summer Wine”) – by golly, Obama may stand a good chance afterall! 🙂 (sshhh, don’t tell ‘the Beast’) LOL!!!
    Hmmm, be great to do a photoshop of the French film “La Belle et la Bete” into “Barry and The Beast”…who’s got the mad p’shop skilz out there?

  2. Figures, the only other person on the planet who watched Farscape would have to be a freeper…

  3. “who’s got the mad p’shop skilz out there?”

    That would be Watertiger, I think. Maybe she’ll get on that one.
    I got a real kick out of the Freeper who said (in response to some one’s criticism of McSame’s critique of the Chimp in Chief’s poor response to Katrina):“How is he wrong? The feds screwed the pooch on that one if, by nothing else, letting those incompetent hacks at the state and local level screw things up so badly.”
    Apparently, Bush’sonly mistake was letting state and local officials deal with this on their own. It was their incompetence that was at fault, not chimpy. Never mind the fact that they, too, were drowning in the same flood. That’s a minor point, I’m sure.

  4. “who’s got the mad p’shop skilz out there?”

    Or Attaturk. He does a pretty fine job, too.

  5. This looks like a great time for Ross Perot to make another run for the Presidency! The last time he attracted supporters from both ends of the political spectrum, each of whom was sure ole Ross was talking to him personally. And, Ross is almost as old as McCain, too.

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