4 thoughts on “Even To The Foundation

  1. That is one of Bill Moyers best shows. And, Rev. Wright is someone anyone would give anything to have as a friend, as well as a pastor. Both my wife and I sat completely spellbound for the entire show.

  2. Really Dumb Question:
    How many of the population (especially the 28%-ers) have sat in a fundamentalist church listening to fire and brimstone sermons that shook the chandaliers? That make the Rev Wright appear tame? That called down the fire of God on people who were different (gays, Muslim, …any non-believer)?????
    I’ve commented before on how the black Baptist churches typically have a rather *AHEM* flamboyant style of preaching and that (in the film clip that keeps getting shown) the Rev just seems to be making the point that you can’t act in hate and then proclaim “God Bless America” (cf. James, cf. Preferential Option for the Poor, cf. “Widow and Orphan”)

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