“Paper Levee” Scandal Gets Worse


Last week I posted on theWWL story of a contractor stuffing the joints of a NOLA floodwall with newspaper instead of rubber. I followed with another post called“I Iz Contractr.”

However given new information that post should have rightly been titled “I Iz ACE.” (Army Corps of Engineers).
Via Jeffrey is this from theTimes Picayune:

Corps officials said it used its own hired workers in 2006 to put in the newspaper filling, not a contractor.

As Alan atThink New Orleans asks:

Finally, who here can rest assured that “those three gaps were the only
ones where such a method was used?” This is about as laughable as
scandal as you could imagine and it’s especially funny that the
response is “It’s all good.”

Will it take nothing short of another levee failure tocompel the Army Corps to answer questions?

5 thoughts on ““Paper Levee” Scandal Gets Worse

  1. Will it take nothing short of another levee failure to compel the Army Corps to answer questions?
    Unfortunately, yes.

  2. Hi Scout, I was about to ask if there was any more on this or not. This is too important to let go.
    I would like to know if the ACE even kept records of which joints they needed to go back to in order to correct the quick-and-dirty-work (that is, when the funding comes in).
    Even with arguments of immunity, I can’t believe that this couldn’t be introduced into lawsuits on every corps failure to show criminal (well I was gonna say negligence, but this rises to malicious action).

  3. It only has to last long enough to fail and totally demoralize the city. Again.
    But think how much easier instituting a ‘national service’ draft will be after that.

  4. Just move the ACE top level executives and their families behind the levees the Corps has compromised and then watch their actions carefully.

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