Ron Paul’s Supporters FTW

The enemy of my enemy is amusing as all hell:

Just take a look at recent Republican primary results, largely overlooked because McCain locked up the necessary 1,191 delegates long ago. In Indiana, McCain got 77% of the recent Republican primary vote, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, who’ve each long ago quit and endorsed McCain, still got 10% and 5% respectively, while Paul took 8%.

On the same May 6 in North Carolina, McCain received less than three-quarters of Republican votes (74%), while Huckabee got 12%, Paul 7% and Alan Keyes and No Preference took a total of 7%.

Pennsylvania was even slightly worse for the GOP’s presumptive nominee, who got only 73% to a combined 27% for Paul (16%) and Huckabee (11%).


They hope to demonstrate their disagreements with McCain vocally at the convention through platform fights and an attempt to get Paul a prominent speaking slot. Paul, who’s running unopposed in his home Texas district for an 11th House term, still has some $5 million in war funds and has instructed his followers that their struggle is not about a single election, but a longterm revolution for control of the Republican Party.


Now, if my hopes for a Huckabee third-party run would only come true …


4 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s Supporters FTW

  1. Bob Barr now tossing his hat into the ring to run as a Libertarian should help, a little anyway, to make your wish come true.

  2. is Bob Barr enough?
    i don’t know why rebublikkkans are so stupid. mcinsain is the crazee kind of stupid conservabot they like.

  3. if i did not believe that each person’s vote is actually important, i would be wishing right now that democratic voters had switched sides for the primary to screw with the republican outcome — it would have been too hilarious to have gotten them jammed up with a tie between the huckster and mittens.

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