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  1. Maybe a kick in her nuts would help, as suggested by Scout Prime

  2. TruthSlap…Just to be clear I wrote that…as sarcasim… of the Hillary haters.

  3. I don’t recommend any violence towards her, just some therapy and a weeklong stay at a health spa…srsly.
    Truly, though, does she really listen to what she says? I don’t want someone pandering to me because I happen to have been born on the pale (think: Jim Gaffigan) side of the epidermal spectrum. G’damnit, pander to me as an American Voter who gives a flying feck about this country and wants it to be far better than it is!!!

  4. Okay, yesterday I posted a comment saying she was being gracious. I take it back.
    Frak me.

  5. Not good enough. It is not acceptable to denounce this imagery and labeling, then turn around and use it for your own purposes and say it was sarcasm. If it is off limits then it is off limits for everyone. You are perpetuating the sexism, and giving others the loopholes to continue this despicable talk…
    You are supposed to be better than that.
    The typing I can overlook… 🙂

  6. btw, I know that you were using that example as sarcasm, but it is still unacceptable.
    What does Athenae think? Is she okay with the double standard?

  7. We have the opportunity of two strong candidates for the dem nomination. I’ll continue to defend that.
    I can understand that Clinton has put her heart and soul into this. At any time, the timing of when to call it quits is a difficult decision. And I can see where it would be especially hard here.
    But that being said, the attacking Clinton I’ve seen in the past few months has definitely lowered her stock in my opinion.

  8. It was meant to be derisive of Hillary haters…I failed you. I’m sorry.

  9. not that scout really needs any help defending herself but…
    TruthSlap, respectfully, I am not sure you read Scout’s “Electability” post very closely, or perhaps at all.
    How is it unacceptable to characterize a “subgroup” by referring to the hateful imagery THEY use to denigrate HRC? The post clearly stated it was a group of people that the writer herself was not a part of and did not agree with. It stated that, and the anecdote in the post re-stated that.
    That’s not unacceptable, and it’s not perpetuating any sexism.
    If, on the other hand, you are saying that she denounced such talk the other day BUT is today engaging in it herself by giving her opinion of HRC’s actions and words, I’m really confused because as an author on this blog, she’s entitled to her opinion, there is nothing sexist about what she said, and she is entitled to use those words to describe her reaction, which many of us share, btw. There is nothing abusive in calling something “disappointing” or “disgusting” or “sad” if that’s what you find it. She didn’t use derogatory or crude slang to refer to HRC. She didn’t get vitriolic or inflammatory.
    I don’t see what you are calling a double standard. I don’t see anything unacceptable. Go look around on some other blogs and you’ll likely find it, but I’d say that Scout’s post is actually rather restrained.

  10. Again, I agree. Some of the pro-Sen. Clinton blogs are referring to the “hardworking…white voters” as a voting sector. They can’t seem to put Sen. Clinton’s name & her own words in the same sentence. I, too, was hoping for a graceful exit, with Bill & Chelsea smiling & waving, with the sadness in their eyes that would be expected. Instead, we get race baiting that is so clear, so obvious, that only Mr. Lanny could stomach & defend it. You go, Scout Prime, you are doing a great job here, as well as all the other authors.

  11. TruthSlap, I’m not anybody’s mom. You have an argument with what Scout wrote, make your argument. Don’t summon me to make it for you.

  12. What I don’t understand about Senator Clinton’s continued campaign is that she can’t possibly win the majority of the delegates, the majority of the states, or the majority of the national voters. She will inevitably fall short. I can see her wanting to leave her hat in the ring in case Obama self destructs in the next 3 months, but she can do that by “suspending” her campaign until further notice, keeping her delegates, and accepting her victories in Kentucky and W. Virginia which will pad her totals a little.
    That way most Democrats will hail her, the dislike will begin to fade away, and the party can concentrate on campaigning against McCain, where the real contest continues.

  13. That’s one of the most shocking displays of racism by a public official since Trent Lott. Has HRC totally lost her marbles? When did she turn into George Wallace?

  14. You know, I finally figured out what it is about this election season that’s driving me up a wall.
    Everybody — and I mean EVERYBODY, friend and foe alike — is picking apart every word, every gesture, every facial expression, with an intensity normally reserved for erudite academic examinations of what other critics have read into, say for example, “Lord Jim” by Joseph Conrad.
    It’s like the whole fracking world has suddenly become … literary critics arguing the merits of kerning and using Times New Roman versus Century Schoolbook fonts — what in the name of the seven bald steers difference does it make?
    And calling the Clintons — either one or both of them — racist, says a hell of a lot more to me about the person doing the name-calling than it does about the Clinton(s). Everything it says about whoever’s doing the calling-out is derogatory, IMNVHO.

  15. Well you may all dislike what she said but her supporters lover her. The Left Coaster, Tennessee Guerrilla Women, & Taylor Marsh told me so.

  16. It’s up to Clinton to decide when or if she abandons her campaign. No one has a right to decide for her or to tell her what to do. She took the low road in that statement. She has, of late, taken the low road much too often to suit me. She should save her barbs to use against John McCain, not her fellow Democrat. And yes. There is what seems to me a hint here of pandering to racists, which I don’t like at all. It’s not because she’s a woman. It’s because what she says is ugly. My 2 cents.
    FWIW, neither of the two Dem candidates was a favorite of mine. Clinton and Obama started off even with me. Over the course of the campaign, I have viewed her less and less favorably, because she takes the low road. It’s not because she is a woman. I am a woman, and I’d love to have a woman president, but less and less do I want to see this woman president. If, by some miracle, she is the candidate, I will vote for her.

  17. Sarah, I agree with the first half of your comment.
    Further, those who are calling Clinton racist would have a very difficult time proving their heat-of-the-moment assertion. I do not believe she is racist.
    Grandmere Mimi makes the important distinction here: Whatever her own beliefs, Clinton is playing to the racists. She is taking the low road.
    Just politics? Sure, okay, she’s just playing hardball politics, she’s playing to win. Sure, okay, that’s all she was doing when she attacked MoveOn.
    THere’s nothing wrong with believing that those old-style tactics are sad, distasteful, and out of touch with progressive ideals. And there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to identify with them. It’s not derogatory to Clinton to want to win a different way.

  18. How do you not see HRC proclaiming that blacks do not work as racist? There’s no other way to interpret what she said. That’s not careful parsing or using code words. That’s HRC flat out saying that white people work and black people don’t. I used to love her but this is just disgusting.

  19. I don’t understand, I suppose. How is it that giving the demographics breakdown is racist? She didn’t say that Black or Latin or Asian Americans don’t work or don’t vote.
    No, there’s a thing going on here I’m going to call the spade it is. Even “I’m a woman” posters bother me on this one.
    Hillary is being swept aside in favor of the “new hotness”.
    It sucks, because the new hotness, as usual, is all about style; and what’s being swept aside in pursuit of it is substance.

  20. Well, Sarah, you are one of the folks who are making blacks a “demographic segment” of a whole bunch of segments. They are not a goddamn segment of anything, they are human beings, just like you. It makes me sick that you can close your eyes the the racist statement Sen. Clinton made. That you can close your eyes to the racist pandering that Sen. Clinton engaged it. I’ve said before & I’ll say it again: what’s really sad about this primary is that a whole lot of people have looked around the political landscape & they do not see another woman who can become a presidential candidate, much less an actual president in their lifetimes. It’s too bad that Sen. Clinton has been unable to make this the one a lot of people have been waiting for. There are a lot of reasons for this, but I’ll tell that the “Iron My Shirt” brigade is a very small reason. I’m sorry your candidate lost, yes she lost. As they told me back when Hubert Humphrey destroyed his good work & accepted the back room’s nomination over Sen. Eugene McCarthy, wait until the next one.

  21. H2O said: “Well, Sarah, you are one of the folks who are making blacks a “demographic segment” of a whole bunch of segments. They are not a goddamn segment of anything, they are human beings, just like you. It makes me sick that you can close your eyes the the racist statement Sen. Clinton made.”
    With all due respect H2O, I disagree. Racism is a problem to be sure, but compartmentalizing 304+ million US residents based on voting propensities is not racism. It is statistics and electoral math. The assumptions may be flawed, but it is not comporting with racism.

  22. Janus: OK, goddamn it again. “It is statistics and electoral math.” Fuck no, it’s a real, live, squiggly, sweating mass of people. WTF is with saying crap like that. It’s right up there with “harvesting” an animal, no, I shot the whitetail deer with a rifle. I died from bleeding to death. It is not a statistic for the DNR. I was an alive, beautiful agile creature & I killed it because I love venison & the docs say it’s great for my heart, very lean & relatively free of contaminants. To “cite” that “harvest” disrespects the deer & the person who just can’t name the act of killing. It’s really not hard. While Sen. Clinton may not, herself be a racist, she made a racist statement. It’s plain on its face. This wouldn’t have been such a big deal, but in this seriously confused country, she can’t apologize or Carville will take one of her cajones away.

  23. “it” died. I need to be asleep & a lot calmer. This stupid incident has inflamed my more than just about any other thing, outside of my boy Dodd bowing out. I know that Sarah & Janus probably wish I died. (That was a joke, I’m sure both of them are upstanding citizens. I didn’t say compassionate, since, like the joke, it goes without saying that anyone here is compassionate, it’s only the Rethugs that need to label themselves as such.)
    Frankly, I wish I was drunk on lower Magazine St. yelling at the moon to come down & drink some gin.

  24. boy oh boy – I need to click the preview button more often. Anyone who knows me knows I’m far from agile. That sentence ought to read:
    [It] was an alive, beautiful agile creature & I killed it because I love venison & the docs say it’s great for my heart, very lean & relatively free of contaminants.
    I’m also not very beautiful, even in a manly sort of way. & there are days I wonder if & why I’m alive. First draft, indeed.

  25. Look, what she’s saying is NOT what’s being read into it.
    Stop overthinking, people. You’ll give yourselves aneurysms.
    There is a group of people in this country who are so determined to make us believe that Obama is the Messiah, they’re making some of us believe they are the Devil’s spawn; and because Obama isn’t reining them down — hard and repeatedly — it makes Obama look bad too.

  26. The Other Sarah:
    It’s hard to over think “…hard working, white people…” as compared to what? Non-hardworking, nonwhite people? I think we have nominated a centrist who will need to be pushed clawing & screaming into a lot of progressive positions. He is at least inspiring, which has its merits. Sen. Clinton may inspire you, but she didn’t inspire enough people to win. I’m happy about that, given her recent statements about educated people & white people. The trouble with her statements, however, is that they were aimed at people’s lowest instincts, not their noblest ones.
    & I do appreciate your concern for my health. I’m taking care of it the best that I can.

  27. I don’t think Obama’s the Messiah, and he was about my 4th choice frankly because he’s too damned religious and he’s demonstrated he’s far too willing to work with the right wing loons who got us into this mess instead of having them hanged at Nuremberg. But there’s still no way Hillary’s saying anything but “Them black folks don’t work. You hard-workin’ white folks know what I’m sayin’.” She’s not talking about demographics or statistics or electoral math. She’s appealing to the lowest, slimiest common denominator on this one. I’m sure Karl Rove is proud of his mentee.

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