11 thoughts on “Crack Van Tonight

  1. “Tonight, tonight. It’s coming tonight. Tonight, tonight, tonight. Hot damn, tonight.”
    (from “A Christmas Story”)

  2. The primary van is gonna come … tonight!
    Scout’s gonna put a ham on … tonight!
    Today, the minutes seemed like hours
    The votes counted so slowly
    And still no crack in SIGHT!

  3. Oh, moon, grow bright
    So I can chat all night!
    Okay, enough with the West Side Story, already. Or Mr. BuggyQ will start in on I Feel Pretty.

  4. Heh, I was a bit young for the whole ‘Clerks’ thing when the movie was released. when I watched it in my 20’s, it made perfect sense and I thought it was hilarious. Didn’t even seem dated, despite the fact that it was a decade later. You can’t say that about many movies released in 1994. This was one Gen-Xer movie that even a millenial can love.

  5. Somewhere inside of First Draft
    Virgo drives,
    There’s a van that I heard of
    Once in a blog-abye…
    Somewhere inside the Crack Van
    Scout makes ham,
    And the sounds that you dare to make
    Really do come true.
    :Punch:3, :Chainsaw:, :Kitten:

  6. Dante Hicks: Somebody put gum in the locks.
    Randal Graves: Buncha savages in this town.
    Dante Hicks: That’s what I said.
    Elspeth: LOL!!! Buncha savages in this van!!! 🙂

  7. You’re all insane.
    “Who’s on your blogosphere?”
    “Annoying customer.”

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