12 thoughts on “Sunday Sunday Sunday

  1. i go to the church of NFL. and not playing yet.
    actually the god of earth and i think some of my un innoculated peas are sprouting.

  2. I just finished morning services at Our Lady of First Cuppa Joe and am feeling like partaking of some mid-morning ‘communion’ biscuits w/butter and jelly. 😉
    I have my big faith doin’s on the night of the full moon coming up.

  3. Some of my best friends go to worship services on Friday nights. See, there’s a sign of a civilised society; they don’t make you get up early the day before you have to go back to work…

  4. As usual, I missed going to church today or even thinking about it, but after seeing the look on the guy’s face and how it shines with the fullness of the Lord, maybe I’ll go out and catch me a Garder snake.

  5. I am back from church. Decent sermon. My pastor quoted John MacQuarrie, which was funny.

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