Minnesota Ponies

Unloved in theLand of Ten Thousand Lakes.

Minnesotans are profoundly dissatisfied with the job President Bush is doing — and are even more disenchanted with the general trajectory of the nation.

A new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll found that only a quarter of the state’s residents approve of the president’s job performance, the harshest assessment of his tenure. Two-thirds give his performance a thumbs-down.

At the same time, only 14 percent of Minnesotans say things in the nation are generally headed in the right direction, while 77 percent say the United States has gotten seriously off on the wrong track.

That level of dissatisfaction also is higher than at any other time during the Bush presidency.


His current approval rating is lower than any ever registered for his father, George H.W. Bush (32 percent); Bill Clinton (46 percent) or Ronald Reagan (45 percent). The lowest presidential approval rating ever measured by the Minnesota Poll was for Richard Nixon, when he hit 20 percent several months before his August 1974 resignation.

4 thoughts on “Minnesota Ponies

  1. Yah, frat boy Norm used to be “democratic” Mayor of St Paul…he switched parties while he was in office, I believe. He got his ass handed to him in the gubernatorial race by Jesse the body, before taking Paul Wellstone’s Senate seat.
    The Republicans have effectively gerrymandered the sprawling suburban districts here (Michelle Bachmann, blechhh!). The larger cities (with the exception of Rochester) are fairly liberal.

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