The McCain Campaign

Like a city council race, with 99 percent less WIN.

I think what chiefly offended me about the McCain Girls videos was just how grimly serious they seemed. It wasn’t even that they were godawful, it’s that they didn’t know they were supposed to be godawful and have a good time with it. Most campaign songs suck ass, and they’re kind of supposed to. Way back in the prehistoric days of the Dean campaign, there was a guy who rewrote all the lyrics of every song you could imagine to feature Dean, like we’re talking Monster Mash here, and because he was clearly being seven kinds of silly, instead of being pathetic it was AWESOME. Same thing with, say, Chris Dodd and the rally monkey:

And Obama Girl is hardly La Traviata here. Even the Hot for Hillary girl is having fun:

Part of what I loved about political blogs back in 2003 was the joy they injected into the process, the same kind of goofy shit you come up with at 2 a.m. in the office when nobody’s had any sleep (except during daylight, sober, without any direct electoral consequences, and on the Internet). McCain’s early 2000 run had some of that sense of humor. It’s gone now, one of many things about the McCain campaign that are just depressing and sad.


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  1. karaoke blows and it just keep spreading like kudzu. disco is quaint to me now. heck, i’d take rap over this shit.

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