Memorial Day

Joe Galloway on how we honor veterans:

Let’s all pay lip service to Support Our Troops. But if we want to
be honest, we should edit those yellow-ribbon bumper stickers to say
Support Our Troops — As Long As It Doesn’t Cost Anything.

acknowledge that this new generation of soldiers and Marines is
amazingly motivated and talented. They’re expected to be good killers,
good diplomats and ambassadors of American goodwill who operate under
impossibly complex rules of engagement in impossibly dangerous and
deadly environments.

But if they come home wounded, their brains
rattled by the huge IEDs of the new way of war, and if they suffer the
horrors of PTSD nightmares and flashbacks, let’s dump them on the
streets with the least amount of help and benefits possible, as cheaply
as possible.

For sure we don’t want to improve their chances,
better their future prospects, by offering them the same college
benefits we gave their grandfathers six decades ago. God help us if
they all get college degrees and figure out what we’ve done to them.

6 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. Point well taken.
    In fact, I think it is even worse. The argument now seems to be that if we treat veterans fairly, it will encourage members of the armed forces to leave sooner than policy makers are counting on.

  2. If we weren’t in shrubbie’s vanity war of agression we wouldn’t be having to hear about this… We would also have well over 4000 of our VOLUNTEER military alive and well and doing their regular jobs and maybe even going back to school as is their right by their service commitment. Wives and husbands would have their spouses, children their parents, etc…!!! I would MUCH rather be spending money on education of our volunteer military than being spent on no-bid cost-plus contracts for Hallibrutal and associated cronies of the assministration. I would MUCH rather spend billions on making this country the leader in education, environmental sustainability, health, etc…than spend it for no oversight, no Constitution, no civil rights and the golden parachutes for corporate execs that rape and pillage what’s left of our economy.

  3. And I’ll sock the next mutha—— who says, “Well, they volunteered”–they sure as hell didn’t volunteer to die for lies.

  4. they sure as hell didn’t volunteer to die for lies
    I absolutely guarandamntee this is wrong in at least some cases. The profile you’re looking for is a Bush True Believer who signed up since Iraq. Most of them are chickenhawks and warmongering cowards, but there are probably a few naive SOBs out there.
    I say this in part because of hearing an anecdote yesterday about someone who got interviewed for a job by the NSA, who got lectured because she has “a Communist grandmother.” Out here in the real world, the Communist grandmother is a Canadian resident. I’m not entirely sure the anecdote was improved any when the interviewee attempted to explain to the NSA that the grandmother wasn’t Communist because Canada’s socialist, and the two are different. *headdesk*
    (Comrade, please to be not tellink me I am sleepink through glorious socialist revolution?!)
    So right now I havevery little faith whatsoever in certain portions of humanity.

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