Chimpy has no friends left.

Japan’s defense minister has said US President George W. Bush was wrong to invade Iraq and warned that Tokyo could not automatically renew its air force mission to the war-torn country.


The rebuke from one of Washington’s closest foreign allies came hours after an embattled Bush used his annual State of the Union address to plead for public support to send more troops to Iraq.

“Mr. Bush went ahead in a situation as if there were nuclear weapons, but I think that decision was wrong,” Defense Minister Fumio Kyuma said Wednesday of the 2003 invasion.


Kyuma rejected Bush’s comparisons of Iraq to post-war Japan.

The US president has repeatedly pointed to the alliance with Japan as proof that former adversaries can become allies.

“Just because it worked in Japan does not mean it would work in Iraq,” Kyuma said. “It worked in Japan because the US left the emperor system.”

US occupation authorities allowed Japan to keep Emperor Hirohito, although he was forced to renounce his divine status.


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