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So about halfway through the game here’s Mike Eaves, rewarding a kid who just got his ass kicked by smacking him on the helmet with his clipboard, and there’s a part of me that thinks Eaves is just as happy when they’re literally kicking ass as he is when they’re winning kicking ass. Which is a way of saying, man, did every bounce go the wrong way and did the offense forget to show up and did Connelly, who’s a hotass, just plain miss a couple though there’s not much you can do when it’s a shooting gallery.

At the end there was a fight and Street, who’s also a hotass, just skates in from elsewhere and nails this ND guy who’s fucking with a freshman. The ejection was worth it, because they care for one another and play for one another and stuff, and nobody kicks my freshman but me, basically.

Connelly shut them out the night before and maybe they should have given him the night OFF or something.

Then about halfway through the game he makes this save, I mean, he makes this SAVE:

Upside down diving backflip thing where he shovels the puck back out mid-somersault with his stick. And the crowd’s on its feet and the stomping and screaming’s so loud it shakes the rafters and rattles the walls and you’d have thought they were winning by 10 instead of down by 3 and it was a physical thing, a wave, a rolling presence, it wouldn’t have mattered if they were so far down there was no coming back, that was a sight to see.


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  1. A, I saw that save, and my boys were fucking ROBBED because that puck crossed the line. That score should have been 4-1. But you know what? I was still shaking my head in amazement cuz that boy stood on his HEAD to steal that, and you gotta give it up for that. I was on my feet, too.
    What I wanna know is what Eaves and Hakstol were saying to each other at the end, cuz for a minute there, I thought that ND Asst. Coach Eades was gonna take a swing “Nobody messes with coach, dude.” I was trying to remember if I’ve ever seen them just toss 10 players like that, I couldn’t believe they just escorted all of them out.
    Then, the other great picture I remember is the three Badgers, including your hot rookie, standing on the wrong side of the glass, watching, when the Badgers finally took Lammy’s shutout away. The yearning. It was a great picture.
    ND looked good, though, and I really loved being able to watch them. When they get flying and in synch, it is a thing of beauty. I freaking love this game – for 30 years, that team has been a source of joy.

  2. leinie, your guys deserved that win, they played well. What are ya’ll feeding #2, fertilizer laced with crack? Dude is half a head taller than the biggest guy we have.
    See you in the WCHA tourney!

  3. Oh, and the only other time I’ve seen that many ejections was a game against Alaska maybe 4-5 years ago, but that brawl cleared both benches. I remember it because both teams were so into it that when one of the refs tried to pull them apart, the AL player turned around and slugged him.
    There’s not a lot of fighting in college hockey, but when there is, they make it count.

  4. ooh, that musta been fun.
    but who cares, the packers played damn good against the ickings, but they better beat those damn cowpies!

  5. Athenae, a real battle of the goalies coming up this weekend–Shane Connelly vs Richard Bachman in Colorado Springs. Might be the first 0-0, 0-0 weekend in WCHA history, though I’m hoping my Bengals can sneak one or two past Connelly.

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