Sunday Hockey Post: Boys, Boys, Boys

ZOMG freshman.

So the poster for this year’s team shows a few of the players with the headline: They Trust One Another. They Care for One Another. They Play for One Another.

(And by night they fight crime!

Hockey superheroes!)

Game ramblings within.

Oh, baby yeah.

I’m telling you, thepassing this year. Actually setting up plays, and only those who suffered through the Sauer years will understand what a revelation this was, but they skated down and got somebody in front and WHAM! perforated the Michigan Tech nets. It’s just sonice to see them get some offense going. They haven’t had any shooting in about five years, or whenever it was that Heatley and Reinprecht left. The championship team was pretty fucking great, but the shooting was all Earle.

Connolly spends too much time out in front of the crease, leaving them acres of room to protect, and it would have been nice had he not had to make more than 30 saves (defense, anyone?) but he made them, and well. He’ll get there. I love goalies. They’re special and they’re weird and they have all these tics and rituals and man, if your job was standing in front of a net while five gigantic Huskie goons shoot pucks at you, you’d have rituals too.

Favorite student section cheer: Better Goalie! (at the empty Michigan Tech net at the end of the third period)

Series split. Next weekend’s North Dakota. THAT should be fun.


7 thoughts on “Sunday Hockey Post: Boys, Boys, Boys

  1. Ahhh, yes.
    Hockey season.
    Thank Jeebus that Wisconsin Public Television still carries the games at night for those of us who don’t have tickets or have to work during the game. The goddamn Big Ten Network hasn’t gobbled all of those up yet.
    But the women’s team stumbled yesterday. That was not good. I mean, they lost to the Ground Squirrels. Not good at all.
    But it’s hockey season, and all is right with the world.

  2. Jude, I sucked it up to pay Yahoo Sports so I could listen to the away games, only to discover that 9 times out of 10, it’s the OTHER TEAM’s broadcast, so I have to listen to those ND fuckers talk about how “oooh, the Badgers are tired, oh, they might not make it through the third period,” piss piss, moan moan. So dumb.
    I’ll never forget listening to the 2006 Badger/Cornell game, though, earphone in one ear, my Mom on the phone in the other, and both eardrums nearly shattered when Skille put it in.

  3. Ahhhh, hockey…that sends visions of fellows doing their pre-game stretching…ahhh!! πŸ™‚ My favorite part? The goalies practicing their splits…wow! Momma wants some of that! All of that padding and those boys (face it I am forty now, they are all boys) can still be so flexible…yum! Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, too, but as long as there’s estrogen coursing thru these veins… Oh, and I love the fights, too! When they are warranted. I used to have season tix to the local IHL (then became) AHL team. But they moved to the new building and I moved out of the gravitational pull of the games. Maybe I will try to make a game this season. Dust off the old hollering skills. πŸ™‚
    Hockey rulz!!!

  4. A, my “ND Fuckers” are gonna test your goalie next week, and give new meaning to the term “sieve.”
    Saturday’s game is on the dish – I pay for the dish so I can watch the SPAN, hockey, and football. 500 other channels, never watched.
    I so totally love this game – you can take the girl out of North Dakota, but you can’t take the hockey love out of the girl.

  5. Went to the UW Women’s Hockey game Saturday (an unfortunate loss—our goalie had a rare bad day). But win or lose I enjoy the women’s games far more than I do the men’s. They actually set up shots rather than just whack the puck as hard as they can (though there was some of that too—one bullet nearly took the Minnesota goalie’s head off).

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