19 thoughts on “For Sale

  1. To-to-ro, To-TO-ro!
    To-to-ro, To-TO-ro!
    Gotta love the Cat Bus! Especially if it has the cloaking capability on it – no worries about traffic violations!

  2. “Sometimes people get sick on it”?
    Wait…never mind…cloaking capacity instantly negated by vomit stink coming from Cat Bus. Everybody will get hauled into the clink before they can VOTE.

  3. Virgotex for the win.
    I love the ad:
    … six months later …

  4. The City screwed us. Now we need a certificate of occupancy. Can’t get that until we have a back deck and stairs. (I hate the morons in City Hall. Been dealing with them for years and now they throw this poop out)
    We have a furnished house, all the appliances, and we cannot move in. Our laundry needs to be done, but $1800 of equipment cannot be used. Haven’t had a stove in 33 months, and we can’t use our new 42″ device. Our new bathtubs sit idle whilst the one in the hovel we are living in turns the water orange. Oh yes! Our toilet is falling through the floor.
    If it wasn’t for Betts, the katz and some friends, I’d blow my brains out.
    Welcome to New Orleans run by Nagin & Company.

  5. Yet another omen that I need to get an orange tabby kitten.
    Damn you, Athenae!!!!
    I keed. I’ll be in and out tonight–working long hours today, tho I know I’ll be sucked in if I step into that rolling hairball…

  6. Virgo, I had that one drummed into me ad nauseum when I rented My Neighbor Totoro for the little guy and he fell. In. Love.

  7. My three year old grandson has had a love affair with Miyazaki’s anime classic “Totorro” for a month now, from the first time he saw it. Now every time he comes to spend the night (every Monday, it’s a date for us) he MUST watch it again. Sometimes twice. He knows the lyrics to the songs and stays on key with the theme music. I can’t wait to show him this CatBus! Thanks!

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