McSame in “NOLA”

So McCainattempts to distance himself from Bush by kicking off his campaign tonight in New Orleans…

But Schmidt also signaled that the setting of the speech in New
Orleans, where McCain last visited in April, is intended to highlight
differences between McCain and the current Republican occupying the
White House. The city, Schmidt said, “signifies to the American people
what is broken about our government.”

Although McCain will not bein New Orleans or even Orleans Parish. He will be in suburban Kenner which is in Jefferson Parish. JP wasBush country in 2000 and 2004. Of course Orleans Parishwas not.

Prior to that event McCain will make another stop in Jefferson Parish to attend a“private fundraiser in Metairie. About 30 people are expected to pay $50,000 each to attend the event at the home of real estate developer Joe Cannizaro.” Also in attendance will be Boysie Bollinger, the CEO of Bollinger Shipyards. Both Canizaro and Bollinger are friends of Bush and responsible for large contributions to his campaigns. Canizaro was aBush Ranger. Bollinger was aBush Super Ranger. Also of note is that Bollinger has been at the“center of Coast Guard contract fiasco.”

McCain may say of tonight–“The message is change. It’s real change,” but really it’s all McSame.

Distancing is hard work

UPDATE: Ouch. From NOLA blogPeople Get Ready:

Skipping New Orleans is a little like proclaiming success in Baghdad whiletaking shelter in Baghdad’s Green Zone,…

6 thoughts on “McSame in “NOLA”

  1. I’ve often wondered if the only attendee at these “private events” is Cindy McCain…writing maximum checks out of aliased bank accounts.

  2. Can we drive the Crack Van past the celebration and let me deliver a tactical nuke?
    Kenner, the nexus of White bigotry and David Duke’s favorite place. Johnnie boy, you ain’t gonna win friends from the real people by doing this crap.

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