Some People Just Don’t Understand When to Shut the Fuck Up–Updated!

That’s right, son. Shut the fuck up. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

These fucking Sherlock Holmes-wannabes of the right wing never cease to amaze me.

On Memorial Day, as you may have heard, Barack Obama related a family story about his uncle’s role in liberating a concentration camp near the end of World War II. Well, as sometimes happens when recalling a relative’s story, he got some details wrong. He said Auschwitz, rather than Buchenwald. And he was referring to his great uncle rather than a parent’s sibling (I don’t know about you, but in my family, we never refer to anyone as a great uncle or great aunt. And we refer to people who aren’t even related to us as uncles. But I’m just a cracker from Mississippi. What the hell do I know?)

Naturally, the budding Dupins of the Right Wing Wackaloon Detective Agency smelled victory. (In case you were wondering, it smells remarkably like Chee-Tos.) They gleefully pointed out that it was the Soviets who liberated Auschwitz, not the Americans. The Obama campaign released a statement clarifying the details, and you’d think that would be the end of the story.

Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

No, right-wingers can’t stop once they’ve sat down at the table. It’s all in on every hand.

Eventually, after realizing that they were looking like tools for questioning the service of a WWII veteranwho helped liberate a fucking concentration camp, for fuck’s sakes, most of the Bugfuck Brigade gave up on the story–even Commandant Malkin let it go.

But they just didn’t have thestomach for the fight blind fucking stupidity that the dumbfucks at “Sweetness and Light” have. Oh, no. Those intrepid douches fired off an e-mail to the people who run a sitededicated to the 89th Infantry Division, in which Obama’s great uncle served. One of the site proprietors is himself a veteran of that division.

What happened to these Keyboard Kommandos? Let’s go to the tape. Er, you know what I mean:

89th Division Site‘Confirms’ Obama’s Story

[Please scroll down for the update to this article.]

As you probably know by now, we (and others) noted Mr. Obama’s claim in his Memorial Day speech to have an uncle who liberated Auschwitz in WWII.

The Obama camp have since stated that Mr. Obama misspoke, and that he was talking about his grandmother’s brother “Charlie Payne.”

They say Mr. Payne served in the 89th Infantry Division which liberated the Ohrdruf concentration camp, which was a satellite of the Buchenwald prison network near Weimar, Germany.

In our efforts to fact this hitherto unmentioned fact about Mr. Obama’s ancestors, we contacteda site which purports to honor the 89th Infantry Division.

Granted this site is not the 89th Division’s official website. But other searches via the National Archives and the Kansas WWII veterans sites have yet to produce a Charles Payne who would have been at Buchenwald.

Moreover, this siteclaims to welcome queries about members of the 89th Division:

To the extent time and capacity exists, we will try to answer questions and/or direct inquiries to prime and knowledgeable sources where available and welcome comments and new inputs. We will add to the website content as time and resources permit.

Please send all emails to:

Webmaster, Raymond E. Kitchell

Co-Webmaster, Mark R. Kitchell

So in the interest of finding out the facts about Mr. Payne, I sent Mr. Kitchell and son the following email:

—– Original Message —–
From: Steve Gilbert
Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2008 6:14 AM
Subject: Any Record Of Charles W Payne?

Mr. Kitchell,

As you may have heard by now, Barack Obama has claimed that his great uncle Charlie Payne was a member of the 89th Div that liberated Buchenwald.

According to records his full name is either Charles W Payne or Charles T Payne (most likely the former), and he was born in 1924 — and he is still alive today.

He most likely was from Kansas at the time of enlistment.

Do you have any record of this gentleman?

Thank you,

Steve Gilbert

PS –If you go to my website, you will see that I was probably the first to note the error in Mr. Obama’s first claims about his “uncle.”

Obama Claims His Uncle Liberated Auschwitz | Sweetness & Light

And Mr. Kitchell’s helpful reply:

Please crawl back under the rock you came out from. (bold in original)

Good day

Raymond Kitchell, veteran 89th Inf Div

I have since been sent this followup email:

From: Mark Kitchell []
Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2008 10:47 AM
To: Steve Gilbert
Subject: Re: Any Record Of Charles W Payne?

I don’t claim to represent anyone. You are the one who came to my son and I asking for information.

Please spend ample time chasing down the lies fed to you by chickenhawks Bush & Co. Like 90% of this administration, they don’t have the foggiest idea what we went through or what we saw at Ohrdruf. (bold in original)

I wonder how many people who visit the 89th Infantry site and support Mr. Kitchell’s work realize his politics are those of Cindy Sheehan?


As noted in the comments below, S&L correspondent “Cigarskunk” has since emailed Mr. Kitchell and gotten a confirmation(of sorts) for Mr. Payne’s service in the 89th:

—– Original Message —–
From: cigarskunk
Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2008 6:38 PM
Subject: Searching for Charles W Payne

Dear Sirs,

In light of the recent controversy over the military service of Barrak Obama’sgrandfather, Charles W Payne, I was hoping to contact you to get some kind of verification of his membership in the 89th.

I’ve checked the records of…p;branch=N and they only list him as being in the Navy.

I would like to get a second source to confirm that Obama is still lying on this subject as my grandfathers, father and uncles all served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam and I don’t particularly care for politicians lying about the service of family members to further thier political agendas.

Thank you in advance!
To: cigarskunk
Subject: Re: Searching for Charles W Payne
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 18:52:48 +0200

You are the one who is lying. Mr. Payne served in the 89th Divison, 355th Infantry Regiment, Company K. (bold in original)

And indeed, Mr. Kitchell has now updated his websitethusly:


Concerning the service of Mr. Charles Payne: C.T. Payne was a soldier in the 89th Infantry Division. He served in the 355th Infantry Regiment, Company K. The 355th Infantry Regiment was the unit to liberate Ohrdruf. Mr. Payne was there.

We are grateful to Mr. Kitchell for this information, however grudgingly given.

But it would seem that all Mr. Kitchell did was go to thelisting on his site which we had already visited. And that only lists one C.T. Payne.

Mr. Kitchell has still not produced any evidence to substantiate that this Mr. Payne is actually Mr. Obama’s great uncle, such as a serial number.

And, as we have noted, in most genealogy charts he is listed as Charles W. Payne rather than as Charles T.

Of course it would also be helpful if the Obama camp would tell us his great uncle’s full name and date of birth and other such handy details.

Wow. The fucking arrogance, stupidity, and douchebaggery on display are really stunning, aren’t they?

With the exception of the three noted items, all boldfaced words are my doing. Go back and read them carefully. I’ll wait.

Let me say this straight: These people are fucking scumbags of the lowest order. In the comments (moderated!), some cocksucker even puts up the younger Mr. Kitchell’s home address.

These rotten motherfuckers are impugning the service of WWII infantry vets who liberated fucking concentration camps. I hope, for their sakes, that I’m right about there not being a hell. ‘Cause if I’m wrong, these fucksticks are headed for the lowest, hottest part.

The vets being so dishonored aren’t even themselves running for office–they just won’t toe the chickenhawk line. This is just fucking unbelievable. Honestly, it’s Stalin-like ideological purity test. No matter what you’ve done–what service, what sacrifice, what kind of life you’ve lived–if you question party orthodoxy even once, you are an enemy. It’s sickening.

This shithead who calls himself “Cigarskunk” can’t even get the details right himself! He writes about Obama’s grandfather, not great uncle. Sheesh. Then he brags about the service of his relatives. You know who’s conspicuously absent from his roll of veterans? Himself. Asshole.

Just to remind us all, these are the motherfuckers who lined up behind George W. Fucking Bush, who got a cush job in and then went AWOL from the National Guard–the fucking safe-ass Air National Guard–during Vietnam. Dick “Dick” Cheney slimed his way into every deferment possible. And now they’re patting themselves on the back because they think they’ve done something good by questioning the service of fucking infantry veterans in the world’s largest-ever conflict. It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic, no?

Finally, if you read that whole exchange, in which Mr. Kitchell so clearly pimp-slaps the fuck out of the S&L goatfuckers, Steve Gilbert actually thinks he has come out on top. Un-fucking-believable.

Update: The Sadlynauts have discovered some…disturbing information about the aforementioned shithead who goes by the internet handle “Cigarskunk.”It turns out that, well, he’s a furry.

You just can’t make this shit up.

What is it with Republicans and their kinks? Diapers, airport bathrooms, wetsuits and dildos, and now this guy. I’m pretty open-minded and accepting of people’s consensual, adult sexual proclivities, don’t get me wrong. But, then again, I don’t work to advance a political party that has, time and again, shown itself to be hostile to adults expressing themselves sexually (you know, the War on Fucking?). Also, I don’t make a point of hypocritically digging into other people’s personal lives, then claiming that I deserve privacy for myself.

Oh, it turns out that he’snot really welcome among the furries, either. Jeebus bless their mascot-outfitted souls.

22 thoughts on “Some People Just Don’t Understand When to Shut the Fuck Up–Updated!

  1. I read that to Mr. A yesterday and he laughed so hard he wheezed.
    That they honestly think they can bring it with WWII vets and come out on top is really something. Have they ever MET some of those guys? They may be in their 70s and 80s but they’ll kick your ass before you get done stammering out your name.

  2. Aw, you missed the part where they argue that Buchenwald was “just a work camp” and couldn’t possible have been “all that traumatizing”…unless C.T. Payne was a PUSSY!
    I noticed that S&L also glosses over that part of the conversation when they post Mr. Kitchell’s increasingly hostile responses, AND they cut off the second half of the post on Mr. Kitchell’s website: “For those who seek to minimize the horrors of Ohrdruf since it was a ‘work’ camp and not a ‘death’ camp, we have but one word: shame.”
    Gee, I wonder what exactly pissed Mr. Kitchell off…
    Nah. He’s just a member of the Sheehanite Cult of Bush Derangement. That has to be it.

  3. Dorothy,
    I think you miss the fact that Buchenwald didn’t **TORTURE** anyone (per WH definition).

  4. You know this reminds me of the kind of work that they did on Dan Rather.But that they never bother to do with Rush Limbaugh because he is “an entertainer” and not running for President. Rush gets more facts wrong in the first hour than Obama does in a decade.
    When your identity is tied up with your association with war criminals who redefine torture it takes a lot of nerve and very little self knowledge to be attacking someone else for their slight misremembered detail which is then corrected.

  5. I meant to put something in about how this whole “Obama gaffe!” meme is pissing me the fuck off, but I forgot.
    Again, like Bush hasn’t said more stupid, wrong, and plain crazy shit than any Democratic candidate could in a dozen lifetimes. But there’s no “Bush gaffe” meme.
    Our national press is so lazy and stupid.

  6. “Finally, if you read that whole exchange, in which Mr. Kitchell so clearly pimp-slaps the fuck out of the S&L goatfuckers, Steve Gilbert actually thinks he has come out on top.”
    That’s what makes the exchange such a thing of beauty. These braying jackasses tried to enlist Kitchell in their smear, and he neatly slices off their balls and hands them back to the dolts in a baggy. And then the nutless jackasses post the evidence of their de-balling for all the world to see while doing a ball-less chickhawk dance to celebrate. LOL! Thanks for posting it. A classic for the ages!

  7. Great Aunt Irene was Aunt Irene because that is what my father called her. That is what the rest of the family called her.

  8. Might as well state the obvious – the guy running the web page and the WW II vet are from groups that I would assume are conservative and traditional support of the repubs.
    And they didn’t seem to happy with McCain.

  9. Oh, aimai. You didn’t read all the way to the end! We got that furry news earlier. 🙂

  10. The fact that he has his own entry on Encyclopedia Dramatica … that’s impressive. Him, the Scientology protesters, and Longcat.

  11. OT, and definitely unPC, but the common derogatory term for furries is “skunk-fuckers”.
    Adds a whole new level of meaning to a handle like “cigarskunk”.
    And I agree, the slapdown of the chickenhawks was a thing of beauty.

  12. What is it with Republicans and their kinks? Diapers, airport bathrooms, wetsuits and dildos, and now this guy.
    It’s only fun if it’s verboten.

  13. Delurking to say that although I just can’t wrap my head around this whole furry thing, I would think that nitpicking would be something well known to a skunk-fucker, no?

  14. Aaaawwhh.
    Say hello to once Bush-battler Larry Johnson, now Ultra Clinton Defender as in making the “Ohdruf wasn’t really a death camp or anything, just a work camp, and even though they may not have had hot spas and free pony rides, they wheren’t having that much of a hard time, I mean they got you know like free exercise and everything” argument:
    How surreal has things become when democrats engage in small time Holocaust denial in order to promote their own (losing) candidate in a friggin’ primary?
    Someone’s gotta get a grip.

  15. Actually, furries get the same said about them being democrats, as said on Rush Limbagh who made fun of the Further Confusion saying it’s “crazy what the liberals come up with these days. Heh! Liberals!”
    So, yeah, are we republicans or democrats?
    You political people seem to be a lot more confused about what we are. I mean, you even got the fetish part wrong. But that’s not the point. There are a lot more outspoke democrats in the fandom than republicans, and Cigarskunk is one guy. In fact I’d say the fandom, as per it’s american members, is like america. Some like Obama, some like McCain, some even like Clinton, some don’t really care, and others have their own opinions (I’m green party myself).
    So before you go around opening your mouth and proving yourself to be an idiot do your research.
    And yeah, Cigarskunk is a dick. I’ve met him. Looks like Gallagher on meth. Real asshole.

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