6 thoughts on “Happy Obama Photo: First Family Edition

  1. Cutest. First Daughters. Evahhhhh!
    Feel it. This is what hope for the next eight years feels like. It’s about time.

  2. Omigosh – a man who looks and acts not only like a capable human, but like a wicked great dad and hubby, too!!! Definitely a pleasant change is in store.
    That picture makes me smile…such a nice thing to be able to do when a leadership candidate’s image is involved!!!

  3. I think this pic is a year or two old, because the older daughter, Malia, is nine and is bigger now than she is here.

  4. Still, cool pic. The pretender to the office of President (aka shrubbie) can’t even look comfy w/himself, let alone his wife or children – at any age.

  5. My bad V’tex, I didn’t mean it to sound bad. I didn’t mind that it was two years old, I still liked the pic.

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