12 thoughts on “It’s Not Gonna Be Uncle Fluffy

  1. Debates???
    We Don’t need No Stinkin’ Debates!!!
    howdy and or good afternoon…

  2. Too many times the moderator(s) become the focus rather than the debaters.
    What do you think about the “town hall” approach?

  3. I’m very happy that both the Obama and McCain camp rejected the offer of ABC and Mayor Bloomberg to hold a town hall moderated by Diane Sawyer.
    I enjoyed the West Wing clip but I haven’t seen a moderator in a long time that wasn’t in the “cutting taxes increases revenues” camp, let alone one that questioned the merits of a tax cut based on what economists have to say.
    I know we’re in the Unity Zone but a certain Senator from New York was very recently out in Indiana campaigning AGAINST what economists have to say about the gas tax in a Democratic contest.
    I think Obama will be gunning for a format where the candidates ask each other questions for at least part of the time in these upcoming “town halls” or whatever. I put town halls in quotes because I grew up in a New England town founded in 1633 and we actually had a town green with a hall that had held civic debate for more than 3 centuries before I was born. I don’t equate that with booking a hall someplace and having Gallup fill the place with “undecideds”.

  4. I like the idea of not having a network personality as a moderator. Either their personalities or lack of moderation always gets in the way. I’m talking to you Tim Russert.

  5. Crap. About a half bottle of wine into prepping for an early morning meeting and I stumble across this classic West Wing moment – which means that I’m now going to have to spend the second half of the bottle (and possibly much more) watching that entire episode off the DVD.
    And for that I can only say Thank You!
    Good Times.

  6. OMG, Elspeth, I so envy you the Eddie Izzard show. Damn, that guy makes me happy!
    And amen to non-network moderators for the debates. My feeling is that each candidate gets five minutes to answer a question (questions composed by David McCulloch and Doris Kearns Goodwin), the other gets five minutes to respond, and we get that chick from Weakest Link to cut them off at the five minute mark.

  7. We should get Eddie Izzard to host the debates, with the cast of the Daily Show as the panel.
    (Also envious of the Eddie Izzard show–we couldn’t get tickets.) 🙁

  8. I am lucky I only wanted one…there were NO seats in the orchestra. Must remember to bring binocs…as my opera glasses won’t be strong enough from the nosebleeds…I will be fine as long as the audio is up to par.
    I LOVE him, even in full makeup – so sexy in a male-in-flawless-outrageous-makeup-way. Of course, those promo pics of him in normal manly face aren’t helping me calm down at all. I get all ootsie… 😉
    And, yes, having him moderate would be teh kewlest!

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