Hitchens & Feith: Like A Law Firm That Gets Sued A Lot

Hitchens wonders why:

As I write this on the first day of June, about a book that was published in the first week of April, the books pages of the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the Boston Globe have not seen fit to give Feith a review.

I don’t know, Chris, maybe because he is at best a complete ignoramus and at worst a complete fucking liar? Yeah, that’s right, I’m uncivil. Civility wasn’t doing me any good and my blood pressure kept going up, so fuck it. From the day he arrived in Washington Douglas Feith has been involved in promoting the absolute worst possible foreign policy anyone could come up with. I mean if you tried, if you and a team of experts from the University of Chicago sat down and TRIED with a whiteboard and a blender full of margaritas to come up with a foreign policy more batshit than this, you couldn’t, and for that this guy has done nothing but rise in the halls of power. Last I checked he wasn’t suffering unduly, and not for nothing but maybe the reason the NYT, Post, LAT and the Globe haven’t reviewed him is because “Asshole’s Assistant Publishes Book Even Paul Bremer Thinks Is Dumb” is a little too much even for our increasingly coarse public discourse.



2 thoughts on “Hitchens & Feith: Like A Law Firm That Gets Sued A Lot

  1. I heard that the NYT was all set to run a review of Feith’s book, but their lawyers put a stop to it.
    Somehow, someone must have leaked the NYT’s review, and there was a lawsuit threat for violating intellectual property.
    Of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
    The lawyers knew: youdon’t mess with Crow.

  2. The new Vanity Fair has a long,testy letter to the editor from Feith saying he was misquoted by them and he thinks the Geneva Conventions are just peachy. VF pretty much blows a raspberry back at him.

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