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5 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. Paddy says:

    Couple stories that should have gotten more exposure-DNC Volunteers Nearly Triple Needed Number andSt Paul Police Taser Up For RNC Convention. Not earth shattering, but important enough.

  2. Sophmom says:

    I’d rather pimp than whore today. If you haven’t already, check outNate Silver’s He’s taken the “secret sauce” he applied to sports for Baseball Prospectus and turned it on politics with amazing results. Also known asPoblano, Nate’s stuff is hot.

  3. Interrobang says:

    Okay, one whore, one pimp from me:
    I take back everything I said aboutAntonia Zerbisias, at least until she FUBs again.
    The feds did something right and arrested adomestic terrorist who wants Clinton and Obama dead. The judge let him out on bail, despite the fact that he had bombs (plural) and guns. (There’sso much subtext there, isn’t there?)

  4. pansypoo says:

    there should be MORE russert coverage.

  5. mdhatter says:

    Oh Oh, It’s Magic(the gathering), you know-ow-ow.

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