4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day, Dad

  1. Let’s Go Red!
    Your dad isn’t the guy holding up the signs with the goal totals on them, is he, A?!

  2. my paternal unit will have to kiss MAJOR ass for me to give a fuck. but happy father’s day to my uncle’s who did better for being in my life.

  3. Can’t start soon enough for me. I checked the schedule and find that the Badgers get a break this season–only two games with the Flying Tigers, and both at hiome in Madison.

  4. noblejoanie, nah, that’s Phil. Phil’s a famous fan. There are college girls in the stands with shirts that say I (Heart) Phil, and it’s awesome. He’s been coming to games for like 28 years now doing that.
    My dad is, however, the guy who invented “Sieve.”
    Along with his college pal Carl.

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