On Preparing For Weddings


In some ways, your marriage will be like every other marriage out there. In other ways, of course, it won’t. Those of us who are married now will certainly offer you advice, whether you ask for it or not. But there are some things where you’ll be the first married people to experience them. In some ways, those of us who are married now will be glad we don’t have to go through them. In other ways, we’re deeply envious.

Marriage is work. It never stops being work. It nevershould.

I’ve been married 13 years as of this very day. During all that time, there hasn’t been a single day where I haven’t said “I love you” to my spouse — several times if at all possible. The two facts are related.


5 thoughts on “On Preparing For Weddings

  1. Congratulations!! Truly an accomplishment. Good job!!! Are the furry ferrets helping you celebrate? I bet they have something special in store and they are keeping it a surprise. It will be 30 for the Iwonders this November. Seems weird to say I’ve done anything for 30 years straight.

  2. Of course, I see that now. Didn’t click on the link. Let’s see, how to recover…
    Marraige is work, but well worth it if you can make it work. One year, ten years, thirty years, it is still work and you both change all the time and grow at different rates. To be able to support and respect another person in the journey is a great thing.

  3. And don’t forget to be good clients to the cake artist…but that’s just my .02…LOL!! 🙂
    Speaking of, I have TOTALLY been ‘stephen banks’-ing this week’s cake prep schedule…bad, bad elspeth – but I guess I need the pressure to get it knocked out in one fell swoop…
    It will all come together,

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