Our Tena Gets Ink!

Since she’s way too modest to post it herself, let me be the first to congratulate my debateblogging partner on being published in the Dallas Morning News.

What did you watch? Re: “Great Debate – Bush wins by not losing,” Friday Editorial.

“Bush wins by not losing?” Is this what America wants or needs: a pass/fail presidency?

John Kerry was specific and concrete with facts and figures, to which George Bush’s only answer was: “Well, it’s hard work.” Mr. Kerry made it clear that he’s a straight-talking man concerned with our security. He made it clear that he understands the implications of strategic foreign policy in ways that George Bush does not now and never will.

And the best The Dallas Morning News can do is surrender to the soft bigotry of lowered expectations. The president won the debate by not losing? I certainly don’t feel safe having a president whose only success is avoiding utter failure.

Tena Hollingsworth, Dallas

Go Tena!


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  1. I don’t get the “honor” that is being bestowed on Tena, Incontinence products supplier manufacturer
    I guess if you cannot control your bowels, it is a big deal, but it seems like nothing to blog about.

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