the sickness and the cure

(h/t– first videovirgotext, last videoEchidne)

12 thoughts on “the sickness and the cure

  1. (didn’t watch first video, it’s against my doctor’s orders if I watch something clearly labeled GOP w/o a spotter)
    As for the second – Um, what the fuh-hell???? I don’t know whether to be horrified or laughing my roly bum off! LOL!!! But one thing’s for sure, it’s gonna be shared!

  2. oh elspeth, you have to watch Big John- it’s deliciously awful. As one of the ITPT commenters said, Noriega’s campaign should just run the Cornyn ad.

  3. Okay, Virgotex, I tried…however, I HAD to stop at the 1:56 mark…after hearing “doin’ the lord’s work for Texas…” tripe!!! WTF-hell???
    Being a native Texan myself, even I was nauseated by the constant ‘cowboy’ theme. I mean, how ranch-friendly is the jackass? Any fool can don a fringed jacket and hire a camera crew to shoot him around a bunch of horses and FLUFF THE LIVING SHIT out of the spot w/running horse imagery…but when’s the last time his ass helped a mare to foal? Tracked down an errant steer? Mucked out a stall? Managed to brew the perfect caramel macchiato over a camp stove in the middle of Big Bend? Last time I checked REAL cowboys don’t have a manicurist on retainer.
    I am going to go retch, and thoroughly now…

  4. That’s why it’s so awful!
    He looks more fake in cowboy getup than even Bush does. And Bush looks pretty damned fake, though I think a lot of people who probably don’t know any ranchers don’t notice it.

  5. I haven’t seen dance moves like that since my little sister was a cheerleader.

  6. some of that, um, er…”choreawfulgraphy” reminded me of the Tracy Ullman Show when Steve Martin was the dance instructor and put her through her paces shouting “Barbeque Tongs!!!”
    I mean, really, ‘Grocho Walk’ into ‘Martha Graham’, then ‘Frug’ then ‘jete’!!!’?!?!?! Tew awwfulniss – it burnnnnss!

  7. And neither one of them were parodies. OY. When was the 2nd one made? Late 60’s early 70’s?

  8. Y’all know Cornyn jus’ found the hat, right?
    There’s a way a man who knows how to handle stock walks, holds himself, moves around the critters. It’s real.
    Cornyn’s almost as convincin’ in a Stetson as Obama.

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