There’s A Stunner

Look. I drove home yesterday from a picnic in a rainstorm, listening to the radio simulcast of the60 Minutes program on this. Very instructive in some ways (seriously, of course nobody speaking Arabic would monitor this thing, actual knowledge of anything that could prove useful is a drawback in this administration), very annoying in others, in that everybody involved just seemed shocked as hell that an American propaganda channel was viewed by its audience as … an American propaganda channel. How dare those Arab rubes not swallow the freedom we so generously feed them? How dare they be aware of the most basic facts about something? The nerve!

And as usual the “You’re PAYING for this!” construct pisses me off. Not that I’m thrilled to be shelling out cash for something that doesn’t work, but in the realm of Iraq War fuckups, this one hardly cracks the top ten. Get back to me about Al Hurra when we’ve stopped paying Halliburton.


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