Stupid Shit Friday

Simple enough, right?

Does the world ever seem absurd beyond reckoning to you?

Above, you will see an ice cube bin. You probably have one in your freezer. Well, I recently bought a new one, myself. 

It’s an ice cube bin. Labeled as such. For the storage of ice cubes. In your average department store, they’re sold right next to the ice cube trays. 

If this seems a little repetitive, please just bear with me. 

When I got home, and proceeded to wash it, I peeled off the adhesive label. And, at this time, I took a close look. Here’s what it said:

Ice Cube Bin

  • Holds up to 4 trays of ice
  • Freezer/top rack dishwasher safe

Wait, what?

  • Freezer/top rack dishwashersafe

Huh. Ya think?

I mean, was that really necessary? Does anyone make non-fucking-freezer-safe ice cube bins? Wouldn’t that be like making a non-oven-safe cookie sheet?

Sometimes, I just gotta scratch my head.

12 thoughts on “Stupid Shit Friday

  1. Those things don’t come out of nowhere. Clearly, they got enough phone calls from idiots saying, “This says it’s dishwasher safe. But is it safe for the freezer too?” to make it worthwhile to add the label.
    I weep for the stupidity of our nation.

  2. Idiot preparedness ran amok long ago. My parent’s enormous, old RV’s funny little toilet has a big sign next to it that says, “Not a passenger seat.”

  3. Well, it’s possible that you might want an ice cube bin that would hold your ice cubes on the bar or on a table, and you have no intention of ever putting it in the freezer. In that case, you might opt for a cheaper bin than one that is freezer-rated.

  4. That’s on there to tell you you can take it out of the freezer and pop it straight into the dishwasher.
    Try that with some materials and they will crack or shatter the moment the hot water hits ’em.
    So there is a sensible rationale for it. Sorry to spoil the fun.

  5. On a similar vein, back when I lived on the SC Coast, the county had a park, including lifeguards, on Folly Beach. Beneath the Lifeguard stand was a sign that said:
    Caution. Waves and Marine life may be present.

  6. This tops what I thought was the worst example in that regard: An Auto-Shade (you know, that thingy you spread across the inside of your windsheld when you park your car outside on hot, sunny days) that said in big letters, “DO NOT DRIVE WITH AUTO-SHADE IN PLACE.”

  7. Hey, Jack Frost – there’s no reason to take it straight from the freezer to the dishwasher – you let it thaw out first to get the stale ice outta there, THEN if needed after a quick handwash, pop it in the d/w.
    It’s not like a whole lot of stuff is going to be spilled into an ice holder that GOES in your FREEZER.

  8. My favorite are the Peanut Granola Bars (or the like) with a warning: MAY CONTAIN PEANUTS
    I should hope so!

  9. i can’t hear you, i’ve got this plastic bag over my head. and my toddler is drowning in a bucket.

  10. John Barleycorn: yeah, i’ve seen a couple of brands of peanut butter that include the note CONTAINS PEANUTS on the side as if the whole concept of it being peanut butter was not warning enough to the allergic.

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