Know Who Your Friends Are

FDL has the FISA cloture vote tally.

We get back up. We may take a minute to lay here and kick our feet (thanks for showing up to work, senators, honestly, thanks for making it into the office, I know it can’t be easy to walk with your head so far up your own colon) but in the morning, we get back up. When that’s all you’ve got left, that’s what you take. You pull me up, I’ll pull you.


6 thoughts on “Know Who Your Friends Are

  1. It feels like the movie Groundhog Day in that we keep reliving the same fight over and over and over. *sigh* ah well, enough of the kicking of feet. I sent an email to Sen. Durbin to say thanks for voting against cloture.

  2. Hi Athenae. Here’s my two cents: There are plenty of bad actors here but Hoyer and Reid are the worst. Let’s focus on them. They deserve to be defeated the next time a primary rolls around. Let’s start finding out details and support challengers wherever possible. Let’s set our sights on them not with emotion but with grim determination. Let’s be sure to keep this in our heads, and do our best to let them know their actions now will not be forgotten when they have to face voters again.
    Take a mental snapshot of this feeling. Pull it out and have a look when you feel your enthusiasm flagging.

  3. Hey-o! I feel well represented!!!! One of my Senators voted against cloture, and the other skipped the vote (due to ongoing brain cancer treatment).
    Anyone need me to write to -your- congresspersons?

  4. For context: I’m a Canadian living in Los Angeles, so I don’t get a vote in all of this, OK? But I’ve been following this issue very closely, and I can’t believe this actually went the way it did. Or, scratch that, after 8 years here I *can* believe it. Boxer good, Feinstein bad, as usual, but my congressperson voted the wrong way on this, this time. I had a look at the list of members of congress (sic) who got contributions from the telco PACs, and my first reaction was: “If you’re going to prostitute yourself, at least have some pride and demand more than $11,000.”
    So, pardon me if my non-resident alien (that’s my official ICE category, y’all) status means I’ll offend some when I say this, but it seems to me that this country’s been heading in the wrong direction for quite some time already, and now the powers that be have seen fit to turn on the afterburners.
    Bloody shame.
    Telco PAC recipient list at:

  5. I called Schumer’s office to thank him for his vote against cloture, and promptly shamed Clinton (and Obama, too) for missing the vote and failing to take the lead. A staff at Congresswoman McCarthy’s office also got an earful for her Yes vote in the House. Frack!

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