7 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. Not really blogwhoring, but a call for help. The Clarion West writers’ workshop (for science fiction and fantasy writers) is held every year in Seattle. They had a break-in at the writers dorm yesterday and four laptops were stolen. The writers who make it to Clarion have a tough road–it’s a six-week course, and many have a hard time affording that much time away from work.
    They’re accepting donations to help defray the cost of new computers for the writers (they’re working with loaned laptops for the remainder of the workshop):
    If you use the PayPal, note that the donation is for Computers in the what for field.
    Thanks, First Drafters, for any help you can give.

  2. Interrobang – couldn’t agree with you more about the ignorant ways things are being framed by people who should know better – the deciders have no idea of the issues involved in what they are deciding.
    Of course, from this year’s corn crop in Iowa, a good bit of it was just under water – not to mention that there’s been so much rain this spring that it has interferred with farmers getting their crops planted in the muddy fields. So I’m concerned about what corn prices are gonna do and their ripple effect (not to mention $4 gas).
    But of course, some of the top contenders in biofuels include algae. (Which also could be used as the base of synthetic foodstuffs).

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