Holmes in NOLA


I’m a big fan of the Canadian TV show “Holmes on Homes.” Now Mike Holmes, the “home-remediation superhero,” is in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Wardfor the summer:

“Make It Right, ” in fact, is both Holmes’ personal (and personally
trademarked) motto as well as the reason for his summer-long job-site
residency in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward.

Brad Pitt announced his Make It Right Foundation’s efforts to restore
housing in the Lower 9th, Holmes’ people called to inquire about the
organization’s use of the slogan, which is, after all, tattooed on
Holmes’ brawny right gun.

“We heard of the Make it Right Foundation coming out, with Brad
Pitt, ” said Holmes, before work commenced on a recent morning. “We
were excited about it and we wanted to let them know we had a trademark
on that. ‘What are your intentions?’ It was communication. It wasn’t,
‘You can’t use it, ‘ or ‘We’re suing.’ I would never do that.

“I wanted to get to know what they were doing here. So we started
communicating to the point where I was so impressed with Brad Pitt
himself . . . It was his idea, it was his push, it was his own time and
actually some of his own money.

“We said, ‘Well, we can help.’ That’s what started this.”

The plan is to build one of the Pitt group’s sustainable green homes
from scratch, and oversee the construction of two others. A two-hour TV
special and several hour-long “Holmes on Homes” episodes will be shot
at the same time (stateside air dates currently uncertain).

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  1. I’ve always enjoyed Holmes on Homes too, but I think they should add one more segment to each episode. After the shoddy work is all fixed up, they should track down the contractor who cheated the people in the first place, and have Mike Holmes beat the holy crap out of them. That would make it a great show!

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